Any in-depth life simulation games out there?

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Aug 22, 2021
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Recently I started getting into the life sim genre. I have been playing lots of Bitlife but I am looking for something more in depth and with more options. For example in Bitlife once I got to the point that I was rich I didn't feel like I actually had much more to do or any goals to fulfill.
Basically I am looking for the most realistic and complex life sims out there! I don't mean games like Stradew Valley for example that limit you to being certain professions, but games that give you as many options as possible.

If you have any suggestions I will really appreciate you taking the time to read this and replying!

P.S I know about the sims but I don't like it. It's WAY too easy.
I can't really think of anything specific. My best guess is to look at heavily modded games, something like GTA V or perhaps Skyrim if you don't mind the medieval/fantasy setting.

EDIT: one thing that did come to mind was The Guild 2. It's pretty janky, but it does allow you to do a bunch of different stuff.
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