Any good monitor calibration software?

Mar 30, 2023
Hi, can anybody recommend good monitor calibration software? I am using LG 27GP850
Preferably with automatic profile options as I am noob in calibration :(
Aug 3, 2022
Look for an ICC profile for your monitor and how to install it. Without external equipment an ICC is probably your best option unless you want to tweak it yoursel.
A search engine is a beautiful thing. Some results for "monitor calibration software":

i just realised I swapped GPU in January and never looked at my screen callibration.

I had set it up on my Nvidia GPU but not for the AMD one. Seems its just on defaults now if I look in

I think I leave it as is as I think I got them wrong first time and set it up at night which didn't work so well in bright days. MY screen always seemed too dark
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