Question Alt-Tab causing crash

Oct 13, 2022
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[Note to mods: seems legit]

When I'm in a game everything goes normal, but when I press alt+tab it starts to crash, this means that if I'm playing a game I can only play that game exclusively because if I want to play and listen to music it starts to crash.
, you can see more clear in this video.

My pc specs:
Cpu: Ryzen 5 5600g
Motherboard: Asus B450 M-A II
Ram: Teamforce vulcan z 3200mhz 16gb
Gpu: Radeon Rx 6400
Drive: Samsung M.2 SSD 980
PSU: Corsair CV550
Monitor: HP 27x 144hz
Keyboard: skyloong gk61
Mouse: Logitech g203

I really appreciate your help :whistle:

[Mod edit: changed title for clarity from "I AM HAVIING A PROBLEM WITH ALT+TAB THAT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.".]
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try running DDU in safe mode, uninstall the AMD Drivers for GPU, boot back into normal mode and reinstall GPU drivers
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