Alienware 17 r5 Battery Swollen


Dec 31, 2022
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I bought Alienware 17 r5 (GTX 1070) back in 2019, It went smoothly for at least a year & after that Laptop battery in Taskbar started acting strangely, and the laptop suddenly shut off without warning. When I tried to turn it back on, the battery wouldn't hold a charge at all. Frustrated and worried, I knew it was time to take the laptop to a professional to see if they could fix it. The technician at the repair shop said that there's no solution to this and you'll have to replace this battery.

I got it replaced by him and told me to not charge it fully and also don't let the battery fall below 25%. I followed each & every instruction he mentioned. After about 3-4 months I noticed a small bulge right by the mouse. before I could react the battery explode, I had no idea how I survived that explosion. Now coming back to the point I've replaced over 4 batteries & have always faced the same issue with the batteries.

I even tried changing my AC adapter but it wasn't of any use. Now I'm running this machine directly on charging without battery. Anyone who can help me with this problem? It would be such a relief.
hello ... i can tell you that the so called advice you were given on battery charging is wrong.

I rather suspect that its not your batteries that have caused you a problem but more likely the parts of your laptop that handle the mains voltage down to a lower voltage for safe charging.

You may find the following useful.

All rechargeable batteries should be fully charged and run down before recharging. The reason for this is because batteries can suffer from something called cell blindness. This happens when you keep " topping up " a devices batteries instead of letting them run down . So lets say for example your battery is made up of 4 cells and you keep topping up the charge , eventually 1 or more of the cells will become invisible as it never runs out.

I used to fly radio control planes and i know a lot of people who had crashes because the meters would show full but their flying time ended quicker because of a blind cell.


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