Alan Wake 2 - snooze fest?

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Feb 27, 2020
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I know PCG review is still due, but just wanted to throw my current experience out there as I bought this game based on the glowing critic reviews. Worth noting that I haven't played the first game.

About 6 hours deep and pretty bored. It is almost a walking sim, which I really don't mind if not for the cheap writing and weirdness being very contrived. It's totally void thematically.

Some character animations look great but others, including the female protag, is a little stiff, which I could accept if she reacted appropriately to the happenings around her. She's practically indifferent to straight up murders of innocents right in front of her and only slightly flustered when faced with a paranormal monster.

I'm playing all bells and path-traced whistles (4080 + 4K) and it looks very good but not as good as write-ups would lead you to believe. Cyberpunk PL is still the best tech showcase imo.

I will keep going with hope it cleverly gives context to some of my perceived shortfalls (and because I paid for it). But i'm not seeing the 'horror masterpiece' I keep reading about. I wouldn't even call it scary.

Wondering how other folk are getting on?
Well, as you seem to already know, that's not what most are saying about it. What concerns me more is their insistence on requiring a mesh shader capable GPU on ALL graphics settings, and using software RT even when HW RT is disabled. It's no wonder people say it takes a beast of a PC, so I've pretty much written off it being able to run on my spec.

I played the first game, and it was pretty good, and what I like even more about the design of this one is it's intended to be focused more on survival horror.
Its a wait for a new GPU and until I get to it one for me.

I liked the first game quite a bit, the story and atmosphere was great even if the gameplay was a bit samey. Control was one of my favourite games of the last few years though, so I'm still hopeful I'll like this one.

When I keep hearing people say games like Control and Death Stranding were great, sometimes I think I should give them another try, or in the case of Control, just try it, as I've never played it. That said, there have also been MANY players echoing my same sentiments about both.
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When I keep hearing people say games like Control and Death Stranding were great, sometimes I think I should give them another try, or in the case of Control, just try it, as I've never played it. That said, there have also been MANY players echoing my same sentiments about both.
I'd definitely recommend trying Control, its on Steam for €10 at the moment, probably works out about the same in US.
Not played AW2, my pc won't run it. Did play the original and i thought it was rather humdrum tbh. i did play the game twice playing the hardest difficulty and interestingly i found that combat was optional for most of the fights. it was just easier/simpler to use the flash light to stun them and make a run for it.

standing your ground and trying to kill them meant you would focus on one target allowing others to close in on you and cause all sorts of problems. on harder difficulty meant stronger enemies (i believe +1 bullet for each enemy) thus more time shooting and more time to get surrounded.

but then, hindsight is a wonderful thing.
Here's my opinion after a couple of hours in game
far from a snooze fest, it's exactly what I desired it to be, a continuation to quantum break's legacy of merging game and movie, executed with imagination and attention to detail. This time with the innovative concept of case boards that I personally just can't stop going back to all the time.



the game is a real gem, but I understand how it's a lot more appealing to a remedy games studio fanboy like me. I know to some this may seem like recycling characters, but I was genuinely glad to see (and hear) those two featuring in the story.



The game also has beautiful locations and makes great use of the amazing northlight engine, which now goes a step further than control and features full path tracing. The atmoshpere of a thriller movie just oozes at every step.










remedy's meticulous approach to creating new, intricate characters and slowly letting us get to know them in a game full of unobvious plot twists and subcontexts is something that sucked me into AW2 from the very first chapters





for the real remedy game style connoiseuirs, the posters ......

another thing I really like, actually following someone's muddy tracks in rain, none of that "activate your senses/vision" crap we're seeing these days.


So far, the game really delivered to me what I would expect from it, if not more. However, I get how people who prefer action games might find it a little tedious to play. To me, it's another brilliant game from remedy, like the ones before it. It's just not as action packed as control was.
without spoilers: Holy Christmas this game kicks ass. This is Alien Isolation level of a thriller movie/game, just more intricate in design and writing.
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Yea I finished a playthrough and loved it. Started a second run and realized that DLC is coming so giving it a break until maybe then.

I dont think its perfect, could be better enemy variety and some of the boss encounters were more frustrating than fun. But the way the story was told really appealed to me, and the action was mostly fun.

I'll just say that a lot of the story stuff that feels contrived early on comes together later on.
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Yea I finished a playthrough and loved it. Started a second run and realized that DLC is coming so giving it a break until maybe then.

I dont think its perfect, could be better enemy variety and some of the boss encounters were more frustrating than fun. But the way the story was told really appealed to me, and the action was mostly fun.

I'll just say that a lot of the story stuff that feels contrived early on comes together later on.
I heard NG+ unlocks a new ending.
Dont want to say too much :D

Probably waiting for DLC, I've got into Lies of P and I want to play the Cyberpunk DLC as well. Maybe after that.
Alan Wake 2's New Game Plus expands the story in a clever and masterful way, offering extra lore through manuscripts and video files. The Final Draft introduces new content, including new manuscripts and videos, that provide fresh insights into the story and characters.
Remedy delivers a timeless classic in the genre it seems.
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I dont doubt it.
I know New Game plus is different because of the way the game ends first time around.

I dont like to play story campaigns more than once or twice, so I'd like to wait for DLC to arrive so I can get the lot in one go.
Has anyone by chance qualified for a free copy of the game bundled with an RTX 40XX series GPU that was bought at Best Buy and not received their redeem code yet? I happen to be in that boat and I've seen a couple others on GPU product page comments on their website say the same. I'll have to get after them about that, but I'm not too worried as the store I go to has pretty good CS.

On another note I figured out what was causing my HDR ShadowPlay clips of RE4R to look washed out. I simply needed to get a more recent copy of MPC-BE and enable HDR. Also the latest version of the editor I use (Avidemux) has HDR now. However there's still the dilemma of whether it's worth it to capture and upload such clips when many likely don't have HDR capable displays.

I'll be posting a few clips of the game soon with a brief poll to get opinions on whether I should bother with HDR or not. The poll will likely be as well for feedback on the change to HEVC (H2.65) at 4K60 format vs my usual x264 at1440p.
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Nah, wanted to get this and a 4070ti as it seemed like a great bundle, but first it went on sale, and then epic was generous enough to offer a 33% off coupon. It's really sweet that Epic offers a freshly released candidate for GOTY for 26eur, really uncommon. The Jedi game that came out months ago which I have on my steam wishlist is still way more expensive, even when on sale. Now I'm playing this on my 3080 and waiting for the 40 Super cards patiently. Probably the 4070TiS. I'm sure they'll come bundled with a cracking game too. What did you get ? Update the sig.

As for the game, a continuation to my early game summary (written first 3-4hrs into the game), now having played +10hrs

The further I progress, the more in awe I am for the game. However good the first game was, and it was a brilliant thriller, I don't think it matches the sequel in terms of the complexity and immersion into the story. I don't recall many games in the genre could that do in fact.
The writer thrown into the events of his own forgotten book, learning new facts and solving the case of occultistic murders in some forsaken subway tunnel of a dream city by switching between different threads he uncovers as the plot moves along. Who else but remedy could put this idea into a game. And the way they wove Alex Casey into a murder story in the dark subway tunnels feels like playing Max Payne 1 again, brilliant.














And this is just the AW part of the game, there's the Cauldron Lake part that I referred to in my earlier post, which is superb as well. i'm really finding myself in a situation, where I don't want the tunnel murder case to finish, but also can't wait to go back to the cauldron lake murder part.

edit: just finished the wake sequence, I'm blown away, might have been the best few hours I've had in any game these past few years. Explains why it took 13 years for a sequel, inspiration doesn't follow a ubisoft-like schedule. This is a materpiece.
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can't forget to mention the narrative side of the game is executed in an absolutely brilliant way.

Alex Casey and Alan Wake add so much to the feel of the game with their voice acting.
I snap pics of the ones I like from time to time. Takes me back to max payne 1/alan wake 1, like I'm playing them again.









Those Saga Anderson parts have been absolutely terrifying so far, both in cauldron lake and in watery.





Oh, and I found a crossbow too, so one shot kills are possible now. The reloading animation is a proper one tho, loading a bolt takes a few seconds, so be stealthy and make sure you have enough time to reach for a handgun in case you don't hit a headshot.
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Yeah, don't worry, you're totally fine and not leaving clues literally everywhere. And I'm not reading this from your secret headquarters that I found and figured out the code to.



I really appreciate that a lot of these notes are just "handwritten" or appear as they would in real life, can be read as you found them, on tables or desks or notice boards. Adds a lot to the immersion of playing an FBI detective. Reading documents/books in games often feels like a chore after a while exactly because they are just computer written text.

while the outdoor areas look great and are designed to be terrifying af, what is a standout feature of alan wake 2 visuals are the interiors. almost movie-like I'd say. A real treat for a fan of looking into every nook and cranny like myself.







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might have been the best/scariest chapter so far.

getting closer to the cult.

The Overlap chapters with Saga are the best in the game. Twisted reality, not really true, not entirely a fantasy. One thing I'll tell you is that going back in loops in this dark, dense forest setting with the nightmare changing shape every time it loops is a brilliant idea to build up suspense.




I managed to spoil a few shots with osd running, but at least now you have an idea how widely the performance can vary, especially outdoors. from 60(+) to under 40.


when writing is reality and reality is being written by those who feature in the writing.
don't ask too many questions while playing this game, let it take you on a journey.
after all, sometimes things that are most interesting are the ones which have a big mystery behind it.

indoor locations, my favorite ones on technical level. path tracing+small, wooden cabin. that's the s***.



so weird, yet so interesting. was this real ? what exactly were the FBC doing there ? can't wait for the DLCs to dig even deeper into the strange world of the game.

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Hitting you with the best shots once again, and again, this is basically a summary for those who wanna learn about the game, while not actually planning to play it. Expect heavy storyline spoilers.

This part really took pateience to get to the point.
Started as usual, more of what I saw in the first Alan's storyline part



then things got a little more interesting, at least for the gameplay. more enemies but better gear. A long barrel shottie, plus more of those alex casey narrations, the feeling of confusion turned into the grittiness I was looking for since the chapter began ....



the part in the hotel was the s***. good thing the game so far taught me to just be patient, looks for clues and never lose the thread, however weird it might get. Otherwise I'd be completely lost. Instead, the game treated me with another fantastic ritual mystery.


meandering through gloomy, weirdly connected rooms, with no sense of direction, among shadows that aren't real but you sense their presence..... best part of the chapter came late, but it was worth the time it took getting there.







this guy might be more cuckoo than I am.


I'm still to see how this part ends, but I got to the final scene. Off to sleep now.
the ritual in the hotel and bright falls plot twist, not for the easily fainting.








seems like alex casey isn't exactly popular

the ultimate mystery, can't say myself. and I don't think remedy wants us to know too much either.

the hunters become the hunted




had my share of fun blowing stuff up in cp2077, felt like going back to AW2 today, and I was not disappointed uncovering the depths of the story further.

started innocently enough at the old nursing home where I left off

Tor and Odin know more about the dark presence and Wake's writing 's impact on reality than I expected, turned out later that Odin's eye was taken by it in a pact with the devil.

a visit to that Wellness Center didn't heal me at all, but it sure was worth visiting for the amosphere and the hunting rifle I managed to unlock there.






another reality overlap stands in my way to save the family

the nursing home in at night time is even creepier.



Leaving the best part of the chapter for another day, don't wanna play now as it's late, I'm tired and will have a lot of time during the weekend. Maybe I'll pick up tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait. Glad I went back to play a little today, I almost forgot how good the game was.

On another note, I managed to get the fsr frame generation mod working, and the results are equally impressive as in cp2077. Inside areas now run at 85-90 fps, outside it's 60-70. And that's with highest PT preset.
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