3060 thoughts??

Looking for some good thoughts on this, obviously we have to wait until real benchmarks come out, but it being 12gb and 330? It seems like a solid mid-range card and since its next to impossible to get a higher priced gpu, as a gtx 1080 user still, this might be a solid upgrade at least until stocks of gpus go back up and i dont have to miss out on all the bells and whistles of Ampere until then.

But also, stock will go right out the door with scalpers everywhere so i dont even know if ill get it right away.


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Nov 25, 2019
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I'm excited to see the benchmarks. The xx60 cards always seem priced perfectly to compete with AMD's GPUs which historically have a much more midrange performance, at least when compared to Nvidia's cards.

My understanding is that the latest 6800XT cards perform better than what was expected out of AMD. They are also twice the price (or more?) than the MSRP for the 3060. Curious to see how they stack up against each other.


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