2d digging game (Not) toki tori

Nov 18, 2020
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Hey! I am trying to remember the name of a game I played in early 2000. The most similar one I have found is Toki Tori, BUT it is not the one!!! The graphics and style are so close, yet not the same game.

The main differences would be the missing "monsters/ghosts (think Pacman similar-ish)" in different colors, no need to collect eggs, the possibility of finding extra bonuses IN the ground when you used a shovel to dig holes and possibility to trow those monsters in the ground once the hole was dug (then the ground would regrow after some time and that monster appear in its initial location). It was a yellow or orange character, I think it had a green shoulder bag, and the shovel in his hands. He could lose lives if falling from a high point, if dead, his "soul" flew in the sky, in grey. There were many levels and it was fairly complicated. The question is - what is the name of it???