11400 +16Gb vs 2600x+32Gb

Oct 11, 2021
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Hi guys,
Im upgrading from an oooold A8-5500 desktop pc for daily use.
I'm about to move my programming/studying workload and daily use from my laptop to my desktop, and I am on a strict budget. I have to closely priced options (I already have a case and power supply):

16Gb RAM + i5 11400 + ASUS TUF b560m
32Gb RAM + ryzen5 2600x + some cheaper mobo like MSI B450 Tomahawk

With appropriate mobos and a 1TB M.2 storage, what will last me a longer period of time?

Also, i could squeeze 16Gb more ram into the intel build with a much cheaper motherboard, but I,m afraid the ram won't reach 3200MHz or i wouldn't be able to keep a good frequency on the i5 (if i unlock the power limit). What do you guys suggest?
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B560 board with decent VRM's + decent cpu cooler + 3200mhz RAM and run it with the power limits turned off in the bios.

Reviews of that cpu w/benchmarks.


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