1000 hours of gaming.

Steam shows:
Torchlight 2 - 1300 hours played.
Though that was over the span of 12 years, not 6 weeks
Non Steam:
I don't have honest stats for WOW but I had a lvl 60 character for one year in game time. Does that count? (this was prior to any expansions)

Sacred 2 - easily over 1000 hours.

I think I got my moneys worth.

You can't really say a game you played for over 1000 hours was too expensive unless it was a subscription based game. Then I might let you off.

All the other games I didn't get 1000 hours of enjoyment out of are better arguments for lack of value.


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City of Heroes/Villains, which I played for something like 10,000 hours. It took over 6 years to do, though, and I was paying... what was it? $10/month? (Buying multiple months at a time brought down the price a lot.) So I paid maybe $800. So 8¢ per hour. EASILY worth it.

It's possible I got to 1000 hours in Asheron's Call, but I don't think so.

It's possible X3 made it to 1000 hours, too. Steam recorded 633 hours, but I started playing the game before Steam started tracking hours. I don't remember if Steam started recording soon after I started playing or long after, so it's hard to guess.
PC Games are too expensive if you make it that way tbh. Plenty of ways to get games cheap on PC.

As for hours? Was a console player for decades so i cant say for sure but i know i sank 1000s of hours in multiple games then (elder scrolls, diablo, ghost recon (played this semi-pro for years so theres a lot there)

As for recent PC gaming memory itd be Destiny 2 with 4-5k since its release in 2017.
For sure:
Civilization 4.
Command and Conquer—the first one.
Far Cry—the first one.
Red Alert—the first one.

Far Cry 3.

Are PC games too expensive?
Some are, some aren't. AAAs are very expensive if released unfinished, buggy, and loaded with MTX. Indie games are usually reasonably priced, altho some with very short content are too high.

In a broader sense, there's no such thing as 'too expensive'. Anything priced above what the market will pay won't sell.
Hmm most games i played that much dosn't have a counter but i can list those that i know 110% i played 1000h or more (allot more in some cases).
Ultima online - played allmost daily for many years.
Starwars Galaxies - Same as above.
Wow- Same as above.

Skyrim + Skyrim SE is just over 1000 now.
Diablo 2.
Diablo 3.
Probably Battlefield 2 and 3.

Maybe one or 2 more games but can't think of any on top of my head now.
Monster Hunter ultimate takes 693 hours to complete... i would hate to be a completionist and touch it.

I spent 1k hours on games cause I wanted to, not because I had to... although with WOW & Raiding it can feel like a job... oh, MC again. how fun.

I don't have thousands of hours playing Journey (as it only takes 90 minutes to finish each time) but It is more fun constantly than some of the games I spent 1000 hours on.

I guess I probably spent 1k hours on Age of Conan but since its a dead MMO now, I can't check anywhere.
I forgot Diablo 2 & 3 as well.

All these games we spent 1000's of hours playing, surely there was downtime. MMO all have downtime, time spent doing boring things that have to be done. So its not all fun.
On Steam, I played Warframe for over 3500 hours and Total War Warhammer 2 for 1300 hours. Off Steam, there's one I know I must have put 10000 hours into, but there's no way of knowing the exact number.

I'm 100 percent against the dollars/hour method of determining if a game was worth it. It's really an dumb way of looking at it.
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What you have to ask yourself is what is the purpose of a game? Is the purpose hours used or enjoyment? If it's enjoyment, then your value calculation is incorrect if you don't quantify and use it.

Joy Level 1 -5
Hours at Joy Level 3/Cost
That sort of thing.

That may sound odd/dumb, but it's not nearly as dumb as not using it. I paid $175 for a doctor's appointment last week that lasted 20 minutes. So a doctor's appointment that lasted an hour would be a better value? What if the one that lasted an hour failed to fix my problem?
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I don't play a game unless I don't have a time limit. So they not really played to waste time in my case, I have other ways to do that. Answer questions on forums, for instance.
I only play a game if I want to, I guess is what I am saying. Currently in my in between games phase again... this can last months.

The joys of not playing an mmo, being able to do whatever I want whenever I want and not explain why i wasn't playing X time on Y night.

Every single person values games differently. No one metric will be agreed on by all.
Really it's a very select few. I played on console when I was younger for the most part, and I think the only games that got close are probably Halo 3 and the OG CoD Modern Warfare as I played a ton of multiplayer with my friends (some of the other CoD and Halo games may also be close to that figure but I really can't recall and have no way of looking). My Steam account goes back to 2013, I believe, and zero games have over 1k on my account. I know for a fact Runescape and World of Warcraft both top 1,000 hours, but I've generally launched those games from separate clients. Borderlands 2 is probably on the only other game that comes close, but split hours between console and PC makes that hard to determine.

In general, it's exceedingly rare for me to put even 100 hours into a single game, let alone 1,000. Since I do enjoy MMOs it becomes a bit more possible, though. Once I get back into FFXIV (taking a break during summer since I don't have AC) I think it's possible that I'll eventually put in a ton of hours. I love the game and I've played MMOs since 2006, so I could see myself sticking with it for a long time.
It's interesting to see which games will draw different people in and they enjoy so much they can play for over a 1000 hrs. (and of course no one plays for six weeks straight, it's just a 1000hours sounds a lot).
And some that have entertained you for 10,000 hours.

I think I also played Skyrim for that amount of time, but past numbers lost when SE came in.

@ZedClampet my question about, 'are they too expensive?' wasn't serious. It's just a lot of people on Steam forums complain about prices of games and profit making game companies.

Even if you paid full price for a game it would still amount to pennies per hour. Has to be one of the cheapest(excl: hardware) forms of entertainment going.
Before somebody got at my account and deleted 7 years hard work i had around 2,400 hours on warframe , dont know how it happened.

At the beginning of this year i got satisfactory , i have never used a game like this and i am totally hooked.
Current playing time is 1460 hours and the game is technically unfinished
I don't know Satisfactory, why do you think it hooks you?

I feel the same way about SofW, I find it addictive. Plus some games the more you play them the better they get.
I think Talion is a great character and the things I can make that dude do. I only bought it to experience the Nemesis system.

With GTAV it's just the driving physics, everything about the cars and the way they handle. I finished the actual game years ago but play most days because it's exciting.
It's interesting to see which games will draw different people in and they enjoy so much they can play for over a 1000 hrs. (and of course no one plays for six weeks straight, it's just a 1000hours sounds a lot).
And some that have entertained you for 10,000 hours.
10,000 hours? Lol. I can't even imagine playing a game for 1,000 hours. Although like I've mentioned before, the most I've seen someone play one game is my friend on another forum who has 25,000 hours in Dragon's Dogma.
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I've got nothing close to 1000 in the last 10 years, 450 odd in Battle Brothers and 700 across Total War Warhammer 1 and 2, and almost 200 in CK3.

Previous to that if we go back to waaay before Steam when I couldnt afford that many games but had a tonne of free time, I played Civ 2 from around release and was till playing it on and off up until 4 had been out a while. Also a lot of Gal Civ 1 and Space Empires III for years. Championship Manager 2 as well for several years around that time.

Likely most of all I played a lot of Legend of Mir 2/3 from around 2001-2010 on and off. There was a 6 month period when I had a serious injury in the mid 2000's where I played that game all day almost every day because I couldnt do much else, so thats probably the real biggie for me.
The only official game i played for 1000+ hours was path of exile. i kept going back to it because the gameplay loop was good and each new league sort of brought something new to the scene. Whether it was to play a different class, spell build or league there was always something they were adding. oh and the drip feeding of rewards gives incentives.

these days to even think of committing 1000 hours to a single game is absurd. Those 1000 hours could be used to play a whole variety of games. in my case 100-200 hours i could beat some of the more grindy open world games. Plus i doubt i could get 1000 hours of enjoyment from a game that never changes. Like playing the same multiplayer maps again and again like running around in a maze.

When it comes to price of games? it depends on your financial situation and beliefs. Some people wouldn't bad an eye lid for spending 100s or thousands on a game and be bleed dry by MTXs, dlc content etc. Me personally, i'm a cheap skate but steam sales and selective choices mean i'll have something to play and this is coming from someone who thinks £20 is sometimes too much for a game. You just have to be selective and bide your time. I've bought DMC5 for 12.99 and i won't play it for years and by that point its dropped to under a tenner. But unless they're multiplayer based games, i wouldn't worry about FOMO.

But for AAA games i think expecting 100-200 for a game is absurd. Especially for the same experience, material and MTX filled games. i can confidentally ignore them.
The games that I play for a 1000hours are all open world games. So I play as much of the missions as gets me all skills and weapons, etc. But then I just turn each game into an open word adventure game. Make my own games.

Playing a lot during lock down was great, escaping into a virtual world.

But also I think gaming time is deceptive, when I get totally engrossed I lose track of time and am surprised when dropping back into reality and see the clock.


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Massive hours are pretty easy to get in MMO's because there's a lot of socializing going on. It's partly about playing the game, but it's also about seeing your online friends. (How many hours have we spent chatting on these boards?)
... the most I've seen someone play one game is my friend on another forum who has 25,000 hours in Dragon's Dogma.
I forgot that. It's a fact my brain just can't deal with. DD is a single player game! (Well, there's one dragon that's a combined effort, but you don't see the other players so socializing isn't part of the deal.)


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