£150 budget for gaming PC or console

Aug 10, 2020
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Sorry to the use the C word here. But I am on a strict budget. I need something now so cannot wait to save up. I might be able to stretch another £20-30

What kind of games could I run on a £150 machine?? Would a fairly old machine with say 8gb ram, 710 graphics card be able able to run some decent games. I'm into shooters mainly

Or would i be better of going down the console route....Just spilt a drink over mylaptop and was thinking of buying a PS4 before that, hence my question here....I'm thinking instead of £50 for laptop and £120 for ps4 I would game on a PC instead..........
I assume you're buying 2nd hand if those are the prices you're quoting.

You're not going to find anything worth buying for that price for gaming. An old office PC with a GT 710 in it is absolutely something you don't want to buy.

While there are some games that would run on hardware at that price level, if you're 'into shooters' they're probably not the kinds of games you're looking at.

For £200 a console is a vastly better option.

Bear in mind that buying 2nd hand means no warranty. If you buy a PS4 for £120 and it dies after a few months (electronics can die with no obvious reason or warning), that's £120 you'll never be seeing again.


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