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A recent post had me looking through my Screenshots and I found two glitches I had saved, out of curiousity have you any glitches caught red handed in a screenshot?


If Skyrim is known for anything it's for it's glitch free gameplay, I feel lucky to have snapped a very rare occurrence.

Fallout 4 (this was on an older graphic card hence the low graphic setting)

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OsaX Nymloth

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@OsaX Nymloth thats weird, its like the mirror is trying to show steam on it but failing miserably, I haven't heard of Devil's Hunt before, how was it?
I don't think this is trying to show off steam - it's clear the devs didn't had much experience with Unreal Engine 4 and you can see it whole game in different areas. Well, the only good thing I can say about Devil's Hunt it's that the hell levels look quite cool. But other than that, avoid. It's trying to be a brawler but the fighting is super boring and requires you to literally just spam one button over and over again - feedback is either non-existent or not satisfactory, characters are awful and story in general is bad. It says it's based by story of some polish author, but I never read his book so I have no idea if the story is bad because of books or just bad because team is inexperienced.

In short: avoid, really. I finished the game only because I was writing review for it and was forcing myself through half of the game time.
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Monday mornings are always so bad - sometimes you can't figure out where your head is until lunchtime.

Or maybe you just put your arms on wrong.


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