Your recommendation for internal PCI sound card and external USB sound card

Feb 27, 2023
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The internal default speaker works but no signal for sound jacks for external amplified speakers. I wish to try two possible solutions.


1a. check if this already ordered internal PCI sound card would work and fit with my equipment.

1b. if 1a is wrong is there one that might fit and work? (prefer under $25 at Amazon)

2. is there a USB sound card that might work with my equipment? (prefer under $20 at Amazon)

Note: prices not firm.

Operating System and Equipment

I look forward to your answers. Thank you.
It looks like that soundcard should fit but its an HP-Pc so you never know.

Looking at your speaker spec, any external DAC with a headphone out (and or line out) should work.
I can't persoanlly recomand any in your price range since i never looked in to it myself. But as long as you read up on at least some tests of a device you find you should be ok Creative Labs Sound Blaster Play! 3 External USB Sound Adapter for Windows and Mac. Plug and Play (No Drivers Required). Upgrade to 24-Bit 96Khz Playback : Electronics Maybe? Don't know much about this one in perticular but Creative usually make good sound devices so :)


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