Your GPUs from the past ........

What GPUs did you use in the past ? What were your favorites ?
I think I always liked nvidia more, despite owning a list of AMD/ATi cards. Though the ATi 9700 Pro I had in the 2000s was definitely among my favorite ones ever, so was the r9 290 trix and powercolor 6800 2.5GHz I just sold. I had a 7870XT GHz ed too (1.2GHz manual OC), was okay for 1080p/high in 2010s, but that's it. Once I went 27"/1440p, it was almost unplayable.
Among my favorite nvidia ones were the 980Ti MSI Gaming that I oc'd to 1.5GHz on stock voltage (first proper 1440p/144hz card), 1080Ti trio, and the current 3080 Eagle.
I always wanted the BFG 7900 GTX because of how cool the name sounded, but at that time I couldn't afford a top tier card and had to resort to 8600GTS (palit iirc). Maybe for a retro build some day..........
Not so many as that. I had some early PC's with integrated graphics up until around 2004. TBH I didnt really understand how important a GPU was then.

The first gaming PC I bought was a Dell XPS which came with an AMD X300SE in it. I replaced that with an X800GTO, and then an X1950XTX both of which I got second hand and didnt really know what I was doing. The X1950XTX stopped working after a few months so I went back to the older card until the PSU in that rig blew.

Huge gap from 2009-2012 where I only had a PS3 because I couldnt afford a PC. Then In built the first incarnation of what I have now. MSI Twin Frozr Radeon HD7950, not the boost edition so it came clocked at 880 mhz. OC'd that on stock voltage to 1050 easily. At that point Bitcoin hit $1000 for the first time, and it just happened that the Twin Frozr 7950 was using a 7970 PCB so it had uprated VRMS which made it very popular for Crypto mining at the time. Sold that card for the same it cost a year and a half before and bought a EVGA ACX GTX780, an average clocker that degraded very slightly by the end, I dont remember the numbers.

In early 2016 I picked up an EVGA GTX 980Ti FTW, that one overclocked OK, but wasnt hitting 1500 by any means. Did OK in Firestrike over at OCN, I had the fastest overall score using a 3570K at one time, not that thats saying much, most of the people over there were on X99 at that point.

2020 Powercolor Red Devil RX5700XT. Nice card reasonably quiet, by then my kid was 2 year old and any time I had for tweaking was 100% out the window. Couple of weeks ago I bought a Gigabyte Gaming X RTX4070, its super quiet and cool which means more to me as time goes on when I used to run with all the fans at 100% and the windows open :D
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Only card name I recall from 90s was the SoundBlaster, a noble beast!

First GPU I remember name of is the Rage Fury by ATI from somewhere around 2000. Next is the venerable GTX 970, a truly fine card I put in the last PC I built in 2014. My 1060 from 2017 Dell Aurora is still going strong, so also in the realm of nobility.

Yeah, I'm not much for remembering tech stuff—just random bits n pieces :)

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The first gaming PC I had back in 2016 had a 760ti in it. Was an old GPU from my dad which he had leftover.

When that GPU broke, I replaced it for a 3gb 1060 from Inno3D. I don't think that's a well known brand as as far as I know it wasn't or isn't available in the US. I was super unlucky when my 760 broke because it was in the middle of the first cyrptocurrency rage, so I paid an absolute premium for a 3gb card.
Even though it was only 3gb I liked the card because it was super cool and quiet.

I think 2 years later I build my very own PC. Got a 2060 from Asus for that PC. Also a good card for what I did with it, but at some point I thought it broke (the post is here on the forums, where I replaced literaly everything and it was my case that's broken). Replaced it with a 3060ti from Gigabyte in 2021. Still using that one, so I think the 4000 series is the first series I'll be able to skip :).

I think in terms of performance the 2060 was my favorite. I did run passmark on it and when I looked at the results, it scored closer to a 2070 than a 2060. And I never overclocked anything.
Your past GPUs from the past ........
Your title is redundant :)

First PC
ATI Rage Pro (2d graphics only)
Voodoo 2
I don't know what was in my 2nd PC - I made it, it just doesn't stand out as amazing. Probably Nvidia, maybe.
I don't feel like fighting spiders to see whats in my 3rd pc. Its in garage

its got an AGP GPU in it, its main reason I stopped using it as it was just as PCIe was the new thing and I couldn't find a replacement. New PC was only answer.
4th PC had a 8800 GTS which I upgraded to a GTX 260 & later, after it died to some AMD GPU that I don't remember model of.
5th PC had a GTX 960 & a 980 in it
Current PC has had a RTX 2070 Super and currently a Powercolor Red Devil RX 7900 XT

Given current is also best I have bought, I guess its my favourite and will remain so as long as it keeps working.

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First actual GPU Card I ever owned was a ASUS DUAL GTX 750 Ti 2GB card. This was my "first" gaming PC that I built at 20 years old, I was on a budget and it was early 2014 so the 900 Nvidia GeForce series hadn't been released yet and a GTX 760 was just a little too much money for me at the time. I paired this was the AWFUL "Six" core AMD FX-6300 which at the time was an okay processor and then it all blew up with that lineup of CPUs where AMD lied because all their "six core" CPU's were only 3 physical cores...but anyways..lets move on.

ASUS GTX 750 Ti 2GB (Exact card I had)


My next card was a GTX 970 4GB the founders edition, I bought it 2 days after Christmas of 2014 along with a complete new system as I had saved up money lol. i5-4690K / 16GB DDR3 / 500GB SSD


Then a few years later, in 2017 I bought an Alienware Aurora R7 or R8 I don't remember which one but it game with a MSI GTX 1070 and I slapped a GTX 1070 Ti Founders card inside, which was about 5% slower than a GTX 1080

Then hard times hit, sold my Alienware, saved up more money, built a new pc with a Ryzen 7 3700X / RTX 2060 and then eventually had to sell that and now I'm on a i7-7700 / RX 570 (OOF)

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I think I had GPU's that grew in size every time I got a new one, except my upgrade from the 2060 to 3060ti. The card I have now is smaller I think.

They were all 60 series so it's not like I upgraded and went for a faster card at the same time (like I didn't go from a 60 to a 70 card).




I know I haven't followed series at all. I mean, I jumped from a 260 to a 960. Most of the time I have only replaced GPU either with a new PC completely or card died. I have killed 2 cards and one was on its way out when I got this PC. I use my cards until they either die or I upgrade PC.

Its only in the last 8 years I have had any spare GPU. I upgraded from 960 to 980 to use a 4k screen I didn't know I was getting. And more recently I upgraded to 7900xt before the 2070 Super died just to give me a reasonable spare GPU (the 2070 can run my current monitor, the 960 wouldn't be able to). That and it got really hard to find 2070 Super after 2020. I wanted to stop using it before it died. Now its hard to find my current model GPU in Australia... I seem to pick cards that become rare afterwards.
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