Your Favorite game ever?

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I know this is a thread that happens from time to time, but whats yours?

Starwars Galaxies.. While it was my life for nearly 8 years... and i can't seam to get back into it with the EMU... When i did play it it was some of the most fun i have ever had in a game. the community was just wonderful and i honestly don't think a game could ever even come close to what this was once to me..

City of heroes while fun was close, but when i say close i mean, If SWG was next door, this was a good mile down the road. But wow, talk about a game that you could just decorate houses for 100's if not 1k's of hours.. go fish, go hunt.. go flip items.. I never ever found another game that came close to the amount of unique gameplay that didn't involve shooting someone. If there ever was,, i'd probably try it. :)
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It changes, depends on the decade. It used to be Diablo 2 and then I played Journey

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If I had to pick one that was my favorite game of all-time instead of just my favorite game right now, I'd pick Wizard101, an MMO for all ages that my kids got me into. That game helped me through a very difficult time of my life and will always hold a special place for me. The story is superbly written and voiced, and I love the turn-based combat. The game has been out for many years and has so much content it's staggering. I still play every now and then, and sometimes I just log in and listen to the music, which is also fantastic. It's kind of like a Harry Potter game, where you are a new magic student. If you're someone who can enjoy a Pixar movie as an adult, I highly recommend trying the game. The early part of the game is free, so you can see if you like it (although the combat gets much better the farther into the game you go). Being an MMO, except for a couple of very early quests, you can do the whole thing in a group of up to 4.
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