You will soon be able to order a VR headset with a computer-brain interface for $22,500.

From a Road to VR article (not PCG so no link):

Orders are open now, but only to people who took place in the beta. This is targeted towards not you. Excuse me, I mean, it's targeted towards researchers and businesses. The headset contains a new, open-source, non-invasive (it doesn't communicate to your brain, just gathers information from it) brain interface that will be able to read a lot of things, including your mood and attention span. Shipments are expected to begin August of 2023.

This article and another one on just the interface seem to suggest that the ultimate consumer goal of this would be to create new content, over time and on the fly, via human developers, AI or a mix of the two (ahem, advertising). The articles don't say who these initial beta customers are, so I have no idea how people plan to use this currently. These aren't made for consumers and I can't see why a consumer would want one, although I can see a situation where you might be paid to use one.

Neither article said whether you could control the headset with just your mind (this is apparently now possible from another story).

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Realistically, at the start you would need to get it upgraded every few years to stay capable. Better to have it mounted externally, so we just put a socket on back of head so they don't have to give you surgery every time.

So how old do you have to be before they can implant chip? How long before they want to implant them at birth? Glad I was born after the trackers were implanted under my skin from birth.

i don't want a chip "gathering" info from my brain, targeted advertisers dream, always knowing what you are thinking. I don't think anything/one has the right to know what other people are thinking so clearly.

No way they leave it as one way, if you can listen to everyones thoughts someone will want a way to influence those thoughts. Or just block some. 1984 wasn't meant to be a blue print. Thought crimes are provable if you collect peoples thoughts. This is just so wrong.

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So what socket do we use? Surgery probably needed to change the socket every few years too?

Please don't let AMD or Intel run it, please don't let people over clock their chips... they would have to wear an ice filled cap at all times to keep their brains from throttling.

can I upgrade my memory?

So can VR help people with bad eyesight? I need input from the VR setup to actually see. One good reason for 2 way communication with chips.


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