Question Xbox controller on non-steam games

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Sep 11, 2021
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So this is quite a complicated story, and my knowledge of computers is quite limited, so if you know the answer walkthrough it simply (if possible) =)

So basically I want to play the old London 2012 game on PC and since the game has been removed from steam etc, it therefore costs around 300 dollars to buy online. I therefore decided to download a cracked version online and use PowerISO and a virtual cd-drive to launch it. This following a tutorial i found online.

After this the game worked well playing with my controller with Bluetooth from around 2018, and an older controller with a mini-usb. (had a total of 3, 2 old and 1 newer.)

Since then the wired controllers stopped working all of a sudden when trying to connect to the PC, vibrating when I connected it with the USB but not connecting or showing up as a device even though it works for the xbox.

Since then I've bought a 4th controller to be able to play with several players, but when I tried playing with it also didn't work as it only supported steam games on PC.

So basically this is my questions:
Do you know what the problem with my wired controller is?
If I can fix it, can you somehow connect 2 wired controllers at the same time?
Is there a way to use my new controller on non steam games (that is on a virtual CD-drive)?

Thanks! =)
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