Winter sales are starting; any games you guys are hoping to grab?

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Dec 16, 2021
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I for one am going to rob GOG blind and grab whatever free games Epic puts out this year. I'm operating on a budget, so I doubt I'll be able to grab much from Steam; but I'm cool with grabbing the retro stuff from GOG. Maybe Epic will even offer up some good stuff with their whole "free-game-a-day" thing. Already bought the Blade Runner game from Westwood, and I'm thinking the Deus Ex series (minus Invisible War) will be next.

Anyone have any games they hope will be on sale so they can finally play them?
Maybe Epic will even offer up some good stuff
I predict the free game coming available in under 6 hours will be a goodie!

have any games they hope will be on sale
Not really. I'm cutting way back on buying due to the size of my TBP pile and shortage of spare cash. The few new ones I want are all this year releases, so unlikely they'll come down enough to be an offer I can't refuse:
Far Cry 6
Age of Empires 4

But of course I'll still scan my wishlist on-sale emails.
I probably won't get in on this one. I don't really have anything I'm wanting, and we're kind of focused on paying off debt and getting ahead in our finances for other purposes. I'm not the only old dude on here, so you guys know about life priorities...

My priorities this year are going to be things like getting a new shed and some new flooring and carpet. Plus, I have a huge backlog, so it's not like I'm ever going to be without games.


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