Windows 11's new security feature is so secure you'll need to reinstall the OS to use it (PCG Article)

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Win 11 is aimed more at laptops, the release version also had a bunch of features only useful on laptop. So 22H2 adding more to it is not a surprise.

I don't see a reason for me to buy a laptop, they lack surround sound and only way to get same screen size as I have now is by attaching them to my monitor... which isn't a change.
Many of them take shortcuts to have some features, like running nvme at half speed so they stay cool. Or having parts choices that don't allow the CPU to run as fast as its designed.

Ultra thin with no heatsinks for CPU, the Apple way. If you can afford an Apple laptop, they figure you can buy one once a year. Saves putting any heatsinks or fans in device to make it thicker or make nasty noise. Silence beats having a laptop that lasts more than a few months. You are a true Apple Supporter if you buy multiple devices a year. Others might call you a sheep but don't listen to them, just keeping spending...

So if it continues in this way, WIn 11 updates will be about as exciting to me as new versions of Android aren't
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