Windows 10 or Windows 11

Aug 5, 2021
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Getting ready for my desktop gaming PC build and I'm wondering if there is any reason at this time to choose Windows 11 over Windows 10?

I can get a copy of Windows 10 32/64 bit OS on an usb drive for 100 USD cheaper from Micro Center than Windows 11. If it helps, my CPU is the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 3rd Generation 12-core, 24 Thread 3.8 GHz unlocked and my motherboard is the Asus AM4 TUF Gaming X570-Plus (Wi-Fi) ATX.
I can get a copy of Windows 10 32/64 bit OS on an usb drive for 100 USD cheaper from Micro Center than Windows 11.
Well, this is an easy question to answer. If you want Windows 10, get Windows 10. If you want Windows 11, get Windows 10 and do the free upgrade.

Either way, don't use the USB stick that comes from the store. Download the newest version from Microsoft. Will save you a lot of time running updates when you have installed Windows.
I built a new W11 gaming system a few months ago. Part reason is knowing W10 will end of life in another year or so. My last system had W10. I put an OEM version on it and cant install on the new system- then upgrade to W11. I Bought W11 Home from Microsoft for like 130.00 I think it was- but is the retail version- not OEM. I went with Home because Pro is little different. Pro has office type stuff I will never use. All my older OS before W10, I always bought Pro.

Is 2 things I do not like about W11. 1- you cant turn off certain windows updates like could on older versions. 2- W11 auto puts that onedrive junk on your pc during OS install. When log in to activate windows onedrives takes over- it auto runs where it did not in W10- W10 you turn it on if wanted it. W11 it just does what it wants- you have to turn it off delete- it renames files and folders. If you do not know how- it can be hard to recover stuff- or change files and folders back to standard names. I do not like or use onedrive.

Being I have W10 W11 and log into windows/ microsoft it will carry over my browser favorites type stuff. I do not so much trust microsoft or their said security or anyone or thing or cloud, or my info online to be hacks or locked and try to charge me to get back what is mine. Steam type game sites and game saves I dont mind. I might also back those up so I can access them if for some reason Steam drops support or if older games they/ saves only go back so many years.

W11 is ok. If used W10 its close. Few things set up a little differently- onedrive is my only real complaint. I preferred XP Pro and W7 Pro. Being a gamer, I have to move on for the latest DX12 and 4K etc.
I put an OEM version on it and cant install on the new system- then upgrade to W11.
you might have been able to link that win 10 licence to your email address and use its licence to install win 11. WIn 10 licences are accepted as for first 6 months there were no win 11 installers in shops.

there is no real difference between retail and oem now.

what updates can't you turn off?

XP was 23 years ago, you have to move on.
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Best I read and talking with others and microsoft and was only a few months ago. I had an OEM W10 and could not carry it to an all-new system. If upgrade same system- say new cpu or something, yah I could carry over W10. I know W7 you had a work around and could install OEM as a fresh install on an all-new system. Plus I wanted the retail version for- if in the future W11 end of life or a new DX13 comes out I can easy transfer my retail W11 over to new OS W12 whatever it might be called. I think this might be my last system before I die- but never know. I might live and build another- might meet me a hot 30-year-old woman and have a baby at 75 also- 60 now. We men can do such things even at well over 100 years old unless some medical prob. Who knows. :p :)

Was a time W10 you could not turn off driver updates. I know they later fixed it. Both W10-11 make you install certain updates if want or ready or not like the version updates 2x a year. A lot of people have problems with windows updates and if is anytime something is going to break or programs etc not going to work right is during or after windows updates. I like many do not install every new driver update or bios etc just because it comes out- or some new game says you need it. If its not broken and no problems dont try to fix it. Now if I install a new game and it just will not run or is glitchy and really need a vid driver yes I will install it but most of the time its not needed and newer drivers dont always work with older games or programs. Will work with the new game you just installed but break other stuff is just true. I do know you can turn off driver updates in W11. Other security or version updates windows is going to do it when they say or time runs out. Also windows might during an update turn stuff on you had turned off- all the extra spy tracking bloat or other junk they add to the OS. I normally install windows updates when I get the pop up or if here and see it. I like to manually install all my updates when I am ready- first turn off programs like maybe Steam or whatever and then install updates. Even then windows can go crazy- system might might not ever work or right again. I always grit my teeth worry for every windows update- I am not the only one.

W11 and onedrive. People that have never used W11. Windows auto installs and turns on onedrive. Its not like W10. W10 you turn it on if wanted- as a fact if remember correctly you had to first install it if wanted to use it. Not so with W11. I hate that dang program. Took a lot or reading and hours of research to fix my dang system over that sorry program that windows so kindly forcing down my throat.
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W10 will end of life in another year or so
2½ years—2025-10.

I preferred XP Pro and W7 Pro
Everyone seems to forget XP was an absolute dog when it launched, didn't git gud until SP3 a couple of years later, and then somehow achieved cult status. Win7 was tops out of the gate tho, best Windows launch ever.

I always grit my teeth worry for every windows update
While I haven't had a problem due to Windows Update since 2016, I still take the precaution of making a disk image before the 2nd Tuesday every month—info in my sig.

windows might during an update turn stuff on you had turned off- all the extra spy tracking bloat or other junk they add to the OS
I turn that off and track that every update with ShutUp10—MS hasn't messed with the settings in ~6 years.

I read that Win11 still has some rough edges, but Win10 has been very sold for ~5 years now.
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XP always ran great for me- and I had good security. Was some that complained but would anyway. Most that complain was really mac and or linux fans and then pretty much had to run a virtual windows machine for 90% of world use. And then most all programs or game of the windows world they would pirate.

Yah W7 was good for me. W8 and Vista is the only 2- I did not have and or avoided. I used them on others computers and or built for them. I had 98- 2000ME XP W7 W10 W11. I went to W10 later a few years after out- pretty much same with W11 its been out a while before I go it a few months ago.. Think I got W7 not far after came out- think I bulit a new system not long after it came out. I never touched a computer before Oct. 2004- 2 months later reading on the net I bought all I needed and built my first system. Tried a few of those OS friends gave me. I bought XP and the later. Libraries and stuff back then some still used 98 or 2000 even after xp was out. Back then I even used and played around a bit on macs. Now a cell phone- I dont like them- I dont know how to get around in them and then the small screens and icons etc. Hate the robo calls and spam too- much a pain to deal with it. I keep my pc my lap-top and land line and my own car :)

I do windows disc image or even clone a boot drive- not as often as you though. I do need buy an extra 1 or 2 2TB NVMe drives and doc. I just haven't yet. Even if had to do a fresh OS install, I will not die. I only have game stuff. Its all cloud. do have screens etc but again- nothing that will kill me. I dont like extra programs like talking about it. I have to learn them and or cost money. I do buy most of what I have. paid Bitdefender Malwarebytes- different video photo edit or record programs, buy my OS and all of my games- dont even like to get the free stuff- normally add junk or wish to avoid them playing them- same for many free programs- they add extra junk during install. I do have free irafanview and DaVinci Resolve. I do manually clean disc and trim and clear browser cache etc. Maybe turn off some security while gaming. So- I am pretty good.
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I help out on Tom's Hardware, we have used that link I showed to move a win 10 licence to an entirely new PC many times. I assume its the same on 11.

I also used to do all the BSOD posts there so I know all about drivers.

Never had any problems with windows update on 10. I did on 11 but that was because I hadn't received a version update in 12+ months, up until win 11 they were every 6 months or so. refreshed windows... I fixed windows update

I was using Onedrive on this PC before I got 11. I actually used it to get all the files on this PC, prior to this I would have to copy files over manually but having 1.1tb of space on Onedrive meant all my files were just waiting for me to logon. I don't mind that all my documents and music is on onedrive servers... sure makes it easier to recover from problems.

Win 12 is unknown, lots of rumours, might have AI built in, might need even more strict hardware requirements than 11. I might not update as fast as I did this time, depends how many of rumours are true.
Problem with Windows 10 is it has an end date. October 14 2025, just under 2 years away.

So you can use it until then but eventually you either jump to 11, jump to 12 (if its out by then), stop worrying about support, or use Linux. And most of your games won't work on Linux.

Win 11 is so close to Win 10 I don't know why anyone who can run it would still be on 10.
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Fine, but it works both ways.

Why stay on the one that only has 2 years left, why not use the newer one if you can. The tiny changes are easy enough to get used to that it makes no sense to me to use a soon to be legacy OS.

Before I got 10, I didn't really take any notice of their upgrade cycle. I used OS until I couldn't any more. I only upgraded from Vista to 7 because windows forced me. The support thing really doesn't matter if you don't need it.

Only difference now would be if you relied on Defender, as I don't know if they will continue to push out new files once 10 hits EOL. I don't know what AV I used before 10 but it wasn't defender.

Arguments against upgrading in past are missing one thing... you can update from 10 to 11 for free. You had to buy a new OS to upgrade your PC before. Now you buy it once and it can be upgraded as long as you use that PC. Its also easier now as you get the new version of Windows via windows updates. Only need to clean install if you want to.

I wonder if TH will merge all of win 10 posts into their legacy forum. That will make a great mess in 2 years time. I am not going to mention it.
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Why stay on the one that only has 2 years left, why not use the newer one if you can

If there's nothing of note for me in new one, then why spend the time? As you said, 12 might be out in the meantime, it is rumored for next year after all, so jump to that instead if it's stable in nearly 2 years.

I skipped a few Windows because there wasn't a good reason to change—ME, Vista, and 8. I need a reason to do, rather than not to do :)
i wasn't really meaning you, specifically, more in general.

MS haven't announced 12 yet, its all just guessing. Its not on insiders yet, I expect they don't want people who want to buy an OS to just wait as well. I found a fun post yesterday where someone said in 2020 that win 11 didn't exist... it was only a few months later they released it. So I won't say it doesn't exist, rather its not on insiders yet.
i wasn't really meaning you, specifically, more in general.

Right, I was talking generalities too, sorry for confusion :)

MS haven't announced 12 yet, its all just guessing

It's a lot more than guessing, while of course still not official or confirmed. But good software commenters I keep an eye on say 2024 is very likely.

My bet is in a year, ie October 2024.

I feel a Bill Clintonism coming on :D
Apr 8, 2024
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When it comes to choosing between Windows 10 and Windows 11, it mostly boils down to personal preference and the specific features you're looking for. However, with your AMD Ryzen 9 3900X and Asus TUF Gaming X570-Plus, you've got a solid setup that can definitely handle Windows 11.
Windows 11 offers a more modern interface, improved gaming features like Auto HDR and DirectStorage, and better integration with newer hardware. Plus, it's designed to be more secure and efficient.
But if you're interested in the latest features and want to future-proof your setup, it might be worth investing in Windows 11. You can find windows 11 cheap options online that won't break the bank. Just make sure to purchase from a reputable source to ensure you're getting a legitimate copy.
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win 12 rumours turned into just the next version of windows 11. It makes ignoring Co pilot harder to do.

So Win 12 gets shunted into 2025 at the earliest... just as win 10 gets retired.

i used to get excited by new versions of windows... but last two showed incremental growth takes 5 years or more to happen in windows, features introduced in 10 might actually work in 12. Virtual desktops is a fav of mine, one day it might even remember what apps were on it, the next time you start PC. Right now? all it lets me do is have 4 different wallpapers for variety if I get tired of current one.

Main thing they change is desktop image and move things around. Wow, lets put start menu in middle of taskbar... what a ground breaking idea... oh wait, Apple done that for years... now even the makers of windows want to use Apple themes. No... it belongs on the left. It makes sense there.

I got 11 and wondered what difference was... its also why I wonder why people don't update... its the same thing, why not. Its painless update. I didn't even know I had win 11 until I saw desktop, and moved start menu to left, and would only remember I was on 11 after that by looking at start menu... a thing I rarely do. I have to load a win 10 VM just to remember what difference was.