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Aug 3, 2020
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Time Hero (TH) -- wears tunics, doesn't speak, and has a magical sword (totally not inspired by a popular game franchise)

Skills include:
  • Grappling Hook -- allows TH to grab onto pots and enemies and swing (grappling enemies also does damage to them -- and it can be released at any time, so either can pull TH all the way to where the grapple is holding, or let go mid air)
  • Time Reverse-- allows TH to stop momentum and reverse time (so TH will drop straight down wherever the TH ends up when time resumes? Or maybe reverse direction!)
  • Horse -- TH rides a trusty steed who gives TH a bigger radius for collision so can damage enemies without taking damage (maybe with a reduced percentage of current damage or just static number) and TH takes reduced damage even when directly colliding with enemies
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