WiFi card or a USB

Dec 14, 2023
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I would like to ask whether it is better to buy a WiFi card or a USB? I didn’t play online games, I just surfed the Internet and downloaded games. My internet speed is 100Mbps, should I choose 100Mbps? I saw on the Internet that there is a 1300Mbps WiFi adapter. Is it unnecessary? I only have 100Mbps.
WiFi adapters bundled with your motherboard will tend to be a consolidated affair, without taking up real estate on your UBS ports or PCI/PCIe slots.

That being said, what sort of an internet speed are you paying for? If your ISP's speed is higher than 100MBps but your household router is 100Mbps, then your limiter is the router.

On second thoughts, please mention these three things;
1| Your wireless router's make and model
2| Your current wireless adapter used to tether the system to your ISP/router
3| What sort of a download speed you're paying for courtesy of your ISP
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