Why would my monitors not display, but when i rebooted my pc, everything was back to normal?

Dec 20, 2023
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Did you ever watch the TV show 'The IT Crowd'? There's a reason their default response on the phone was "Have you turned it off and back on again?"

Iow, that fixes maybe 50% of the unknowable glitches to which PCs are susceptible. If it's a one-off, don't worry about it :)
Sane thing just happened
Bummer :(

In that case, you'd better tell us a bit about your system, so our experts have something to work with. Particular interest in all the components, drivers and connections involved in the video sub-system, incl what Hz and resolution the monitors run at, and if that's 'native' for them.

Here's a guide:

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We should know his system by now, we helped him build it.

Try running DDU (link explains) in safe mode, remove the GPU drivers, boot back into normal mode and install newest again. See if that helps