Who's your favorite video game AI character?

Dec 18, 2019
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Anymore, it's a staple of the Science Fiction genre of video games, the Artificial Intelligence that guides your protagonist character, or perhaps hinders them. From Halo's Cortana to Mass Effect's SAM, and the strange similarities between Destiny's Ghost and Warframe's Ordis.

Personally, I find Ordis from Warframe to be endlessly charming, but that may be his occasional violent outbursts that break out of his typical character. The little Ship Cephalon that sees you through from your awakening, the many hours of grinding and mutilating baddies has a special place in my heart. Cosmic radiation is a riot!

From the years of video games, science, fiction, and everything in between, which AI character has you won over?


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I think I'd have to go with Wheatley as well. I will add that I feel there is at least a dotted line between the current string of video game AI companions and the "narrator" from the original Zork. Instead of the AI character speaking with you, the game was having that relationship directly with the player, which felt even more immersive to me.
One very recent example of a fun AI character would be Journey to the Savage Planet's E.K.O. My girlfriend's been playing this game and I've laughed out loud multiple times just listening to it while I'm doing other things.

My personal pick is Cayde-6 from the Destiny franchise. He's a robot so he counts! The best missions in Destiny always involve Cayde-6 in some way, a particular highlight for me being the one in Destiny 2 where he gets stuck in a teleportation loop and you have to bail him out. This is also the mission where the game introduces Failsafe, yet another quippy ship AI. The gag here is that she has not one but two personalities, one of which is her evil twin! If you count Ghost, there's 4 comedy AI characters playing off of each other during this mission, and I think Bungie knew how stupid that was and just went with it.

Man, Destiny 2 was a blast before it went it free to play. I can't go back to it now but I had a great time playing it through with friends. The art direction on these games is just incredible. Around every corner is a new setpiece that made me go 'daaaamn'.