Question White lines and noise on screen

Mar 10, 2021
Hello everyone !

I'm a new member and I firstly want to tell that I'm happy to join this community.

I recently built my first PC but i'm having an issue with it and more particularly with the display. I have white noise and lines on my screen, you can have a better idea of it with this video :

Setup without graphic card : AMD Ryzen Pro 4650G, 16GB KLEVV BOLT X RAM, MSI MAG A520M VECTOR WIFI, 650W BE Quiet power supply, Crucial P2 NVME 500Go

Here are things I already tried based on what I've read on different threads.
- Trying my screen with an other PC -> the screen works perfectly
- Updating all the pilotes of my CPU and graphics part. I just downloaded AMD software and updated with latest version.
- Trying to change the cable and also try an other port like DP instead of HDMI. -> no changes
- Verifying all my MB connections

So I think this is coming from a component of the PC, the integrated graphics part ?
Thank you in advance.


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