which one is the best choice?

Oct 5, 2022
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im currently debating between these pcs,i know they are outdated but they are the best choices i could find in my thirdworld country

the first one is an

-I3 4130 1600ghz
-8gb ram
-Asus h81-M
-graphic card: amd radeon r5 240

the second one is an

-I5 2400
-8gb ram 3,10ghz

and the third one is an

-intelcore I5-3570 (3400ghz)
-8gb ram ddr3

i dont know much about pcs so ill apreciatte the help i can get,this is a present for a litle cousin,he isnt demanding so i was wondering if he will be able to play games a 720 al least 30fps,some emulation etc
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