Question Which is the Best Gaming Chair ?

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It is hard for any not to see you or know your size etc. to recommend a chair. I can tell you what I like look for or need. Sorry my post might be a little long, but this is not Twitter, lol.

I did not pay a million dollars for my said Gaming chair. GTRacing. It looks nice "red/ black" all vinal, can lay back and has extra lumbar and head pillow. I wish I did not buy it. The seat has little cushion and is hard as a board if sit any length of time. The chair seat sits back a little far/ deep for me. I am 5'9" maybe 175 lbs now, when younger my norm was maybe 145-150 lbs. My legs not so long so lots of chairs in general are large for me. I set them as low to floor as they can go so my legs do not hang or my legs do not feel that presser hanging off end of chair. And my feet lay flat on the floor, or I will buy extra like bathroom foam padded floor mat/ rugs- with no type or ribs or ridges. I get them only flat on top, or long use you will start to feel those ribs or ridges and aggravate your feet, maybe 2 and stack them for my feet to rest on and is high enough for normal sitting and has padding so my feet do not go numb on hard surface- even some carpet with padding is still hard to your feet if sit long enough. Also, I have to use an extra pillow behind me to push me forward a little in the chair and feel I sit more normal. I think lots of lower cost chairs that have the center pedestal design that is like a shock that goes up down then 5 or so arms with wheels off of it. Being attached to the center of the bottom of the chair only- they seem to start to wobble after a while and can cause you back probs because you might not know that you are sitting cocked one side or the other. They might not be so pretty or move around as well but a chair with 4 legs 1 at each corner will always sit properly and or square if you wish to call it that. I could never really get comfy in my gaming chair. It sits so deep back and sliding around on extra cushion or pillows under me- and give my butt cramps or sit cocked 1 side or the other make my back hurt. So, I went back to my older chair below.

I did say lower cost chairs. I have a Haworth office chair a friend gave me like 15 years ago- his office was renovating and toss out buy all new stuff and the chair was like new and I priced it. At that time was a better than $1,400 chair. It has not a lot of seat cushion, but the chair is a pedestal type and is steady and strong with no wobble and has nice arm adjustments and cloth seat with mesh back and lumbar support. The actual seat is not extra-large or sit way deep back in the seat like some or the gaming chair I bought. This Haworth fits my body size well imo. I need no pillow behind me. I do not like use the lumbar support. I dont like the feel of it stuck in my back. I bought a nice Gel Honeycomb design seat cushion 2.4" thick and the chair is pretty perfect for me. The Cushion is a little small side to side imo and slides around a little in the chair but is way better than just the chair or other pillows or cushions I tried. The Haworth chair has fabric on seat- the game chair is vinal, so the cushion does not slide around as much on the Haworth. I sit in my chair mostly playing games most days 12-15 hours or even more. I dont always sleep and might just nap. I do get up walk around and need restroom or eat or smoke breaks. I can easy sit here many hours a day. I will say I sit to much and my legs swell because of it- sit so much and get poor circulation- or pinch nerves etc. It is not that I have any heart problems or such- but is from sitting so long. I sleep get up my legs are back to normal. I am disabled, building my computers and gaming is pretty much all I care about or do. So.

I bought the poor gaming chair above because the right arm on my Haworth vinal is splitting a bit- but is thick material. So I just used a thick pair of socks, ran both arms through like would your feet, both arms so looks the same and problem solved. I cannot feel the split in arm through the thick sock and the socks fit the arm tight like would your feet and does not look bad at all. I am comfier and been in this chair for like 15 years now and is better than most- not new but not bad shape either. The Haworth looks elegant. I think is German and is built strong like a tank- it has lasted very well imo. I try to take care of my stuff and have no young children or pets- and I dont normally eat or drink at my desk or I am very careful. I dont flop or jump around on my furniture either. So, my stuff lasts pretty well- clothes shoes cars whatever.

I think like some have said- pick a good office chair with plenty of seat cushion if sit many hours in it. Best if you can go someplace that sells them and sit in try a few out. I prefer chairs that have adjustable arms up/down front/ back in/out. I only like use desks with pull out mobo trays- lower than the desk-top and about 29" wide is large enough for full size keyboard and mouse and pad. The tray helps me sit longer and more ergonomic and pushes my out and away a little farther from my monitor which helps with overall view, or for wide or larger screens anyway. You can always pull a smaller screen closer to you. If I use a keyboard and mouse off of say a desk-top the wrist bones in my mouse hand will start to hurt and or my hand want to numb. Stuff like that can cause carpal tunnel type injuries. If you take into considerations the things I look for or need and can actually try out some chairs, you can find a few that will make you happy and for a long time. It does not need be high cost- but I would not go extra low cost either. Think about maybe buying adding a good seat cushion. You should be good to go.

Sorry If I did not actually help or name chairs you should buy. I did at least try to help. Have a great day/ night.
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fyi OP has not been back here in 9 months

Thats cool. I did not really pay attention to that. I just seen a topic and is something to talk about and maybe can help someone in the future. Questions like this always pop or come up.

I like reading and or talking about technology, and or anything to do with my gaming and comfort while doing so, lol. PC hardware, building PC's, Games. Other things fishing, hunting, cars, guns, planes jets rockets, space, ET, history of, or war, pretty gals. All such and a few other topics, I can find interesting. I know we can only talk about games or its tech here. I was just saying is all.

I was looking through threads in the community to post in, maybe not start new threads, kill time, something to do is all. :)
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except for some high end ones based on proper office chairs, most of them are all the same designs and all uncomfortable to sit in for long periods of time. They designed for looks, not comfort. To be seen in Youtube videos so other kids want that chair. The truth is hidden in forum posts no one reads...

I don't care what the chair looks like if I am sitting on it. Its almost as bad as RGB on headsets... you can't see the flashing lights so why is it there? to make other people see you? in your bedroom? But your fav youtuber wore them and they might make you like them... argh... sheep.
argh... sheep.


I did not buy because I seen others in them- I had hope it was better than it was, and I had/ have no place to try them out. Its hard to buy things good for you and cant actually try them out- even then is another thing vs long use or hours. I do not like all the rgb- not in my computer either. The only lighting in my case is my vid card Gigabyte logo in Nvidia Green and turns orange/red when load kicks up.

I would enjoy some sort of info display for temps and or cpu gpu usage- fps etc. But I can live without. :)
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yeah, who needs rgb. This is mine

whats that? Blue RGB... don't know what you mean :)

my last GPU only had a rgb strip that was always same color, nice I can make new one match
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I dont have a camera. I have web cam but with poor lighting would be hard to get good shots. I dont not have or use a cell phone- only have land-line. I plan to buy a nice Camera. I want 1 that does 4K and fast for movement shots and not break the bank.

Sep 14, 2023
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Certainly, the subjectivity regarding chair comfort is highly significant. I have tried several chairs and found a significant difference in comfort and pain prevention with gaming chairs. I recently purchased a Sparco gaming chair, which reaffirms my comfort with this type.
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Razer makes an entrance in RGB Gaming chair market and covers theirs in really bad RGB.... if you didn't see that coming, I have a bridge to sell you.


this is so Razer, its got RGB where the user can't see it... Its more for being seen on videos so kids want this stupid thing just cause some stupid "Influencer" was using it...
All most gaming chairs do is
1) waste your money
2) give you a sore back
3) show how gullible you are if you actually bought one, and weren't just given one for working at a gaming site.
Sep 17, 2023
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I’ll tell you from my own experience, it’s better to choose directly in the store. Because there are very expensive ones that are adjustable, but they still don’t fit your back and neck. The best choice of chair is the choice made by your back and posture that does not feel discomfort.
Sep 17, 2023
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just sit on your bed, its what I do. Getting a chair for a purpose my bed already does is pretty pointless. Can play for hours and not get sore. Days in fact.

I guess its not a gaming bed though - but i don't want my monitor that far away. Right next to bed is where I want it.

lol at gaming suit on that link.
If these computers are placed against the wall, then there will probably be nowhere to put your legs, and yet your back is not in the best position. But I admit it looks very tempting, just like a physical comfort zone.
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Unless it changes with really tall people, he only has 4 gaming chairs on that entire list... and they not the cheap ones... so its a better place to start

mostly the chairs start to repeat since the video based on heights of the person. So I expect the taller people over 6.3 get similar choices.
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