Which game do you play most?

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My game tastes vary depending what is out at the time i am looking for something new.
For the last 16 months i have been using SATISFACTORY everyday and have clocked up just over 2,000 hours.

Before that i completed Horizon Zero Dawn and was so impressed by it that the next day i started it again and i dont normally do that , i usually re visit something a couple of years later to see if i can remember what to do.
Destiny 2 by far

I can't really answer that. I'm retired and can barely get around due to a bad back, so I spend way too much time playing games. I've got a semi-regular rotation of Forza Horizon 5, NASCAR Heat 5, F1 2022, Super Mega Baseball, Total War Warhammer 3, Dreamlight Valley, House Flipper and Car Mechanic Simulator 2022. Those are my long-time regulars, but I dabble in and out with a lot of other games.
1300 hours in Torchlight 2 would seem to indicate that is the game I have played the most. In the last 10 years that would be true but I played a lot of some games that aren't recorded on Steam.

At one stage I had 1 years in game time spent at 60 in wow, but that was a long time ago - before any expansions. I spent a few years playing Sacred 2 but no idea how many hours.

I tend to spend a lot of time on one game insteed of splitting it over lots. I have spent 881 hours playing Grim Dawn so far this year. Getting a GPU that can play everything meant I had a reason to play again.

that is without mentioning Journey. No idea with that game, but that was more how many times did I finish it, not how long I spent playing. Its a short game to finish but it took me ages to stop playing.
Euro Truck Simulator + American Truck Simulator combined 1000+ hours. Path of Exile probably 500+.

I did play a lot of WoW a long time ago but I've sworn off of MMORPG's after New World.

I try and play a good assortment of games now. Games Pass helps this a lot as there is at least a couple of new games each month I'll play.
Check out the few posts following this one:

@PCG Dash That is an impressive amount of hours! What do you enjoy most about the game? I remember enjoying the Chinatown level because of how large the crowd was and visually it looked great. The one with the bar was also fun with a bit more of a cramped setting. If I am not mistaken this is the game that first introduced some pretty hilarious disguises. The stealth in this game also felt great. I remember having a fun time doing the hotel mission avoiding cops. It really felt like you were in danger, which is something you rarely experience in a Hitman game.

I have always been a sucker for the disco/bar and hotel settings. The Hitman Contracts biker bar had some cool heavy metal music and the Meat King's Party mission in the same game was brilliant with good music and a large crowd with cool costumes. I love it when you hear the music thumping in the distance and getting louder as you get closer. None does it better than Hitman 3 with the Berlin Club. Amazing experience!

Favorite hotel level that I can remember is the one from Hitman Contracts. Excellent layout, fun ways to get rid of targets with using the sauna as my favorite method.

My favorite in the series is Hitman 2: Silent Assasin. It was the first in the series I tried and for that it has a lot of nostalgia for me. The missions were excellent and with an ending that I loved a lot. Especially since you could have fun running straight into the church and popping the weasel before he even managed to say: "Ohhhh, mama mia!"
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It seems my 881 hours played in Grim Dawn was just last month, its actually 1167 hours now. Thats not bad for just 2 months playing

Also makes me think my TL2 total must be way lower than it really is. I don't think it was on steam all its life. There is no way I almost played as much GD in 2 months as I have TL2 in 13 years (though thats on & off - play it whenever I get a new PC)
Aug 10, 2021
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in a little over the past week,ive bought three games , cult of the lamb (and the cultist DLC,and the deluxe OST on vinyl from the devs), wreckfest and one that gets a lot of bad press- biomutant.i ve spent a fair bit of time on STRAY again-got very excited when i found out STRAYs OST vinyl is now on pre order.
remembering this was just from the past week,ive spent over 70 hours on cult of the lamb,its so addictive and meditative.
with biomutant,i dont think its as bad as people make out. ive played a few hours of this up to now-reminds me a lot of skyrim and the witcher 3;wild hhunt,not very stable on the steam deck though-its FPS is up and down like a possessed yoyo,the devs had abandoned the game long ago so theres going to be no updates sadly.

and wreckfest is very,very addictive-the time has melted away so ive no idea what ive worked up. my dad used to go to a outdoor stadium type place in manchester called Bellevue that did destruction derbys and stock car racing so having never been to it- its nice being able to get a backseat experience of the sport. ive been at his house recently and passed him the steam deck to try and encourage him to play wreckfest but i rather angrily got told i was interupting the snooker.
Sounds about right. I would wake up, start a new character, get it to lvl 30 ish and go to sleep, just to do it again. My 1st achievement in game was on 9th January.

I am like that with games, its all or nothing. I can't play a game if I have to go out after, I will wait until I have no interruptions. And then play until I need to sleep. Rinse repeat.

its single player, you can stand in town and have a break while game is running.

I think its about 2 1/2 months in total. I did have a few days I couldn't play, like it was raining or I had to finish my course.

currently in between games again.
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I stopped playing Journey as I didn't want to start hating it. Play something too much and you start to hate some areas... like the Jungle in Diablo 2, I can't stand the music there anymore.

Journey, each play through could be unique so I never really got sick of it. I would get it on PC but I don't know how many people actually still play it there. Game isn't very interesting without people.
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Apr 7, 2023
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Honestly, up until the recent Reboot it had some of the best free-form levels in my opinion! Chinatown is a really good example with its many different approaches, but some of the later maps in South Dakota are just as open and filled with secrets to discover. That plus the online contracts system was a dream come true for me in terms of replayability.

I'd still argue that the game's only real flaw is the fact it fails to properly differentiate between wide open levels and more linear gameplay sequences. It's far too easy to just bomb through the game and miss the areas where you're allowed to experiment.
path of exile clocks in as my most played game recorded at 1535 hrs. Doom 2 might be the next highest considering how often i play the doom wads, but i doubt it would be in the 1000hrs. Planetside 2 might be a close 2nd or 3rd as i played that for several years.

Honestly its unthinkable for me to play more then 200 hours max if a game doesn't mix things up for me. Multiplayer pvp simply don't do enough to sustain my interest. Less if i'm having a seriously bad time. After a while i tweak and realize i'm either playing it out of habit or its work and its not fun. POE has only gotten this far as each time they offer something new per league and its kept fresh that way. The challenge rewards also go a long way in convincing me to playing again and the gem system means i can mess around a bit. That said, i still play meta these days.


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When I get busy I put down the games that I'm attempting to make progress on. Dead Space Remake and Elden Ring have been put on pause because I know if I sit down to dig in I'll spend at least an hour playing.

Lately with work, kids, and my other hobbies I've put gaming on the backburner, so my most played game right now is MTG: Arena. I can hop into a match and be done with it in under 10 minutes. Plus they keep releasing new decks so it keeps it fresh.
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