What's your Proudest gaming achievement?

We have current threads about Completionists, Achievement %s and Speedrunning. Taking a broader view, what have you accomplished in gaming that you're really proud of? You know, the story you tell at every Thanksgiving, Christmas etc dinner, to help everyone doze off.

I'll start with beating Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour Generals Challenge on hardest difficulty—took me a summer, probably in 2004. That's when I got cured of trying to beat games on hardest difficulty—that was just danged hard work, and I have plenty of challenges outside of gaming!

If anyone's still awake, I'll throw in the little tidbit about still being on top of the worldwide leaderboard for Amazing Pyramids Rebirth, a fun hangman game. I'm into word games, and hangman has always been my fav since grass high to a kneehopper, so this one is a natural for me.

I played it thru and was surprised to be ~5th on the leaderboard—haven't had that experience before, so I guess the player base was small before it released later on BFG. I got it on Steam, read my review here:
I was also top of the 3 smaller game modes included, but just checked and I'm down to 3rd on one of 'em—still top of the others tho.

Play a 1-hour free demo here:
So… can any of you knock me off my perches? :beermug:

But enough about me, let's talk about someone interesting—ie you and your proudest moments :D
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I once finished either first or second in a video game tournament when I was 14 or so. It was at a computer camp with about 14 other kids. My price was a gaming magazine which I ended up subscribing to for several years.

We had to compete in several different genres. I remember getting second in a Starcraft 8 player FFA. I would've won too if I had noticed slightly earlier that one of my opponents had a science vessel that revealed my stealthed wraiths. We also played a Tron Light Cycle game.

I'm not sure on the other genres. Probably a Call of Duty as the FPS and perhaps Trackmania as the race game.
I was one of the first people in SWTOR on my server who got the Slave girl social outfit from Nar Shadda and I used to show it off A LOT in the local hub. I had a group of followers praising my graceful steps.

I also managed to do the Ancient Karka run in Guild Wars 2 twice, which was something you were not supposed to be able to do. The Karka run was also very, very buggy, so a lot of people did not even get the first chest drop after the final boss fight, an event that took a looooong time to finish. This is right at the end with boss battle and loot:
View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UT7RM72VsAU


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That's a pretty big chest! Neat how that fight doesn't have you just standing around the boss, raining death on it until the end.

Proudest achievement... hmmm, I guess that would be some of my guides. Maybe the one for The Last Remnant would be my proudest, because it shows people how to play without cheesing the game by avoided as many battles as possible. One of the guides for sure, though.

That's not really in-game, though. I think the proudest I have been in game was in Divinity: Original Sin 2, playing on hard. It's pretty spoilery so I'll go under cover. (Long timers have heard this story a few times before.)
I picked Lohse as the main character. She's a bard type that's been partially possessed by a demon. A demon which done stole her lute! She tries to put together a make-shift lute early in the game, but the demon takes control and smashes it. All through the game, she's fighting for control of her own actions and resisting temptations. Finally, toward the end of the game, the whole party gets to confront the demon - which promptly possesses Lohse completely. Combined with its 8 assistants (Do, Re, Me, Fa... I've never seen a demon so into music as this one), it wiped the whole party out easily.

I used every trick I knew. I lured assistants out from the battle to even the odds a little. Not enough. I left Lohse blocks away. Couldn't overcome the demon with the smaller party. I used a back door to sneak in to the final room. Didn't help much at all. I was running out of options other than "lower the difficulty." I had been playing on Hard the whole way through, so there was an achievement at stake if I did that, and I had been fighting hard for 170+ hours for that one. Not good!

Then I noticed an item I had picked up and tossed in my inventory some time back that gives total immunity to mental attacks. If I've got a big inventory, I always save things that say "immunity' just in case there's some nasty boss with a +MaxInteger status attack. I put it on Lohse and, sure enough, possession counted as a status attack! Now I could fight with everyone! I, uhhh, may have still lost once but did far, far better and was able to beat the horrible demon and his solfège brood.

And lo and behold, the demon still had my lute! Playing it resulted in a nicely done song!
Divine achievement for finishing the game in "tactician" mode was completed 4 days later.
As for proudest achievement for a particular game, I can't think of anything besides finishing XCOM with ironman on, though only on normal difficulty. I tried on a harder difficulty afterwards, but that felt like I was too dependent on RNG.

Actually, I was pretty proud finishing Black & White as well, as I'd started it probably over half a dozen times over the course of 10 years or so before I finally made it all the way to the end.