What's your game completion rate (Steam statistic)?

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I would say the overwhelming majority of games never get away from PC, actually. Don't forget all those games none of us even consider!

There's a huge ton of games that are fairly easy to make and also have really small audiences that work best on PC. Or maybe it would be better to say that they work best in the PC market - it isn't anything about the computers that make those games work best on PC, it's just how the stores work.

The only other kind of PC game I can think of is one that has a really complex control scheme that just won't work on console controllers.
Finally found out why I didn't see my completion rate: It's only shown once you've reached steam level 10. So I traded some card to reach it and to see my rate.

I was quite surprised to see that my rate is only 63%. I only download and keep those games which I will definitely play through and usually, this includes also exploring and trying out things to get some of those funny achievements. I'm not aiming to get all achievements of a game, but until I haven't reached at least 70/80% of them, I don't call the game completed in my sense. Does the rate include games I havent tried out yet? If so, that may explain it...

EDIT: Ah just saw Rule 4 in the Steam guide from @Brian Boru's post:
In the same vein of Rule 3, voluntarily removing a game via uninstallation or any other method of removing the game from your library will not remove their percentages from your calculation. Even if it doesn't appear in your library anymore, achievements earned in removed games will still count.
That's a pity... I guess I have removed some games in the past then.
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