What's your favorite football game?``

Doesn't matter which football, although American football is superior to all other sports. You can include your favorite football game from yesteryear if you have one.

Currently, my favorite (American) football game would be Legend Bowl, It just plays so much better than Madden. It only released a few months ago.

My favorite football game of all time was NFL Head Coach, which was kind of like Football Manager but for football. Apparently I was the only person on the planet who liked it, so it's gone now.

An older action football game that I enjoyed was Front Page Sports Football. There is no relationship at all between this game and the Front Page Sports Football that you can currently get on Steam.

One game that I'm considering buying is Football Simulator with just came out a couple of weeks ago.

For Soccer, the only game I ever really played seriously was the lite version of Football Manager on my phone about 20 years ago. The thing is that I would love these games, but they have become too complicated for me, and you are expected to know too much about soccer. I bought Football Manager Touch and played it a bit, thinking that it would be okay, but it asked me all these questions at the beginning, and I had no idea what it was talking about and there were no explanations given.

I did play FIFA (don't remember which year) when my daughter was small and played soccer. I was hoping she would want to play it with me, but she wasn't interested in it.

Rugby is stupid.
Yes! Although this is the one I had. I spent a lot of time on that thing.


Other than that, the only football game I've ever played was Fourth and Inches on the Commodore 64. I love NFL, but I've never gotten into playing the video games.
I used to play Fifa with friends now and again. Not so much these days. It was nice to compete against each other and banter etc, but they have families now so Fifa has kinda faded.

Edit: I don't know the rules of American Football and it's on TV really late in UK. I'm sure I'd try Madden if I took the time to learn.
FIFA 98, because it had a button to do a "vicious" tackle which gave me one of my favourite gaming memories. My brother and I were playing some training where he played as the keeper and I played as a player, just messing around trying some different stuff. At some point, I put the ball just outside the goal area and when my brother started coming out the goal to grab it, I ran at him and viciously tackled him. And then again. And again. Since this was training, there was no referee or anything else to intervene. And each time I tackled him I would push him a bit further to the back, until I had kicked him somewhere way off the screen, at which point I ran back to the ball and just walked into the goal with it.

Of course we then repeated this several more times. Good times.

I also liked Super Mario Strikers, because it's pretty satisfying throwing bombs and massive turtle shells at someone when they steal your ball and the slow motion kicks looked awesome.
I put the ball just outside the goal area and when my brother started coming out the goal to grab it, I ran at him and viciously tackled him. And then again. And again.
This reminds me of when my son and I played Saints Row 3 and he found a taser. He could ragdoll me from 30 meters or so. Oh, the humanity. He must have hit me 100 times. I couldn't get away from him because by the time the ragdoll animation was over, he was able to fire again. Good times. And you always have to know where he is in Farming Simulator or he'll run over you with whatever he's driving at the moment. Course, he does that in any game where it's possible. And he likes to hit me with C4 in Far Cry, which is basically the only way you can kill your co-op partner.
God for American football Mutant league football was amazing on Genesis, but I think the new Mutant Football League touches that old school feel of craziness for me as well. Then it would have to be Blitz on N64. My parents were pretty cool with me having friends over, so I'd have like 6 to 8 people over all the time and my neighbor would bring his N64 over and we'd just have blitz tournies. My bedroom was in the basement. So while some people played blitz, the others would sometimes rock out on drums and guitar..... some good times. Also Monday Night Football on SNES was solid.

As for soccer/football. I got 2 really. Fifa 97. I loved the indoor soccer mode so much. I still think it was amazing for it's time. The other soccer game is Actua soccer. I somehow found that game in the bargain bin of all places years ago when it came out. Why it was in there I'll never know, but it was some of the most fun I had playing soccer on a pc. And the graphics blew me away.
Sep 12, 2022
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It seems to me that when things like this happen in football, like when ordinary fans run out onto the field and try to be closer to their idol or just get a shot of adrenaline, it becomes a little more interesting and fun, but everyone has their own interests in football. idk
...although American football is superior to all other sports.
Lately I've resolved to an attitude where the NFL is superior to other sports broadcasts, as long as my team wins or at least puts up a valiant effort. Tonight my Seahawks have a chance at being 1 game up on all the other teams in our division, because they all just lost their first games. I have a feeling our former QB Russ Wilson will prevent that from happening though. That said, I really think as long as we hold on to the ball, and manage to get some touchdowns, we might have a chance, because the secondary is actually playing pretty good lately, and that's what I was most worried about. Sometimes DangeRuss embarrasses even the tightest defenses with his precision though.

I know in saying all that I have basically stooped to being a fair weather fan, but I yam what I yam. Maybe if I say it like Popeye I won't feel ashamed. :ROFLMAO:
University of Tennessee moved to 2 - 0 beating Pitt at Pitt in overtime 34 to 27. It was too stressful. I find the games stressful anyway, and this one was delayed twice due to lightning and then went into overtime. We've moved up to 16th in the latest poll.
University of Tennessee moved to 2 - 0 beating Pitt at Pitt in overtime 34 to 27. It was too stressful. I find the games stressful anyway, and this one was delayed twice due to lightning and then went into overtime. We've moved up to 16th in the latest poll.
I'd almost given up on college football. I mean my Cougs even with Mike Leach coaching them still couldn't manage to win the Apple Cup against their biggest rival UW. However now with some random coach I've never heard of they've started out 2-0. I'm starting to get a tingly feeling like my Spidey senses are telling me this is actually going to be a good year for my teams, even though I had nearly given up hope on both. That said, UW just put up a whopping 52 points in their last game and are also 2-0. The good news is it was only against Portland State. Whew, I almost had a heart attack until I noticed who their opponent was.

Back on topic, my favorite football game is the last one my team won. Oh wait, that's not what you meant by game is it? :ROFLMAO:
Well, my Hawks just beat Denver and Russel Wilson 17-16! My favorite parts were two goal line stands by our defense (both resulting in turnovers), and better yet, Denver's coach and it looked like even Russ were so intimidated by our D that they ran down the clock on their last drive instead of trying for a 4th and 5, with a 64 yd field goal attempt that missed. The really funny bit though was their coach used their 3 timeouts one at a time with only 15 sec left, hoping for a miracle on repeated victory snap kneel downs. :ROFLMAO:

The 12s were one of the best parts of the game, they forced a few false start penalties, a couple delay of game penalties, and really stuck it to their coach loudly booing those silly time outs at the end. It seemed obvious by the end of the game a part of what made them lose was bad coaching decisions, but our guys also played extremely well on offense, defense, and special teams! Denver never took a lead in the score the whole game. Our offense stagnated a bit in the 2nd half though, something they'll have to work on.
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Seattle taught KC to be noisy. Once we were but learners, now WE are the masters! ;)

Two goal line fumbles. Crazy antics at the end. Maybe it would be best for the Broncos to stay in Seattle for a couple of days before going home.
Yeah I'm a bit worried about going back to the smash mouth style coach Carrol is known for, because we already lost Jamal Adams to a serious knee injury. I think he's just prone to getting injuries because he's always so amped up though. Hopefully most of the team can stay healthy, especially when we need them to be most, toward the end of the season.

Regarding Russ, as good as he is, there's been talk going on for some time about his game declining ever since it became all about him instead of the team. He's been acting self centered ever since marrying Ciara, dressing and acting like Mr Hollywood. The truth is, he's not the Houdini escape artist he used to be when he was younger, and our local ABC station that hosted the game did a nice little video demonstrating how he got a bit strange toward the end of his stay here, pointing out how he didn't try much escaping tonight.

There's a lot of Seahawks fans that still adore and thank him, which seems strange since he sort of turned into an all about the big money guy, even bragging about it on talk shows. Btw, the local grocery store I shop at has a butcher that's a big KC fan that moved here from there recently. He's really a nice guy and got employee of the month recently and I told him it was long overdue.
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Seattle taught KC to be noisy. Once we were but learners, now WE are the masters! ;)
I just looked at our schedule again and noticed we have to play the Chiefs at Arrowhead the day before Christmas. If the weather holds to the historic average of 42 degrees, we can handle that. I fear if Mahomes is 100% though our D will be stressed to the limit, especially that late in the year. Here's hoping Santa brings us a sweet Christmas present a day early though. :giggle:

I'm pretty sure this is the only game Mahomes has played against the Seahawks. I'm sure he'll be looking for revenge when we play at his house. However I couldn't help but notice the similarity between the way last night's game against Denver and this 2018 game against the Chiefs started, with the Hawks scoring a TD on the opening drive, being answered with a mere FG by the opponent on their first drive. View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEKhWgrB0qY
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Yeah, that's the thing I really hate about USA football: injuries are huge and frequent. There are only 16 regular season games. An injury to one key player that lasts a month can easily be the difference between "superbowl" and "maybe you can get a wildcard spot if X and Y both lose."


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