Question Whats the Open World Sulvival&Crafting MMORPG you know? (Another than Albion or LoA)

Jan 25, 2020
Hello gamers! I hope you are having a chill and great and time.

I woud like to share this amazing indie MMORPG I'm actually playing : Wild Terra 2 Online
This game have such great features, I will share some info, to help the game to be more known amomg the gaming community and sandbox Survival&Crafting lovers.

Wild Terra 2 was released on Jan 2021, actually, it is on state of development the game has evolve a lot to be an Early Access, and ambitious proyect developed by a small group of Isometric view RPG games without sponsor or investors, only the support of their small team and the amazing community.

Wild Terra 2 Online on Steam

Innovative features:

- Isometric rotative camera - It will allowe you to look into different directions and to have a better view to appreciate the environment.
- Freedrom for bulding constructions and design - Extend your territory, design your home as you wish with different model options, add more floors, decorate and fit your crafting buildings.

- Huge selection of crafts and professions. Become the best blacksmith, fisherman, doctor, alchemist, sailor, builder, tanner, weaver, merchant, farmer, carpenter, cartographer, hunter or anything u want. The game has a deep system of crafting and construction, the crafting window allows to you to an easy search of items through the search bar and button to go back and forward to facilitate the search and creation of these objects.

- Auction House. - Auction has been added to the game. To access it, you need to build the Auction House. List goods for sale, place bids, buy things even from other servers! - Available search and sorting by various filters (quality, item type, etc.).

- Raids and sieges - Join groups and create clans. Siege of medieval castles, hunting for huge bosses around the world and adventures in dungeons.

Dungeons Difficulty levels:
- Before entering any dungeon, you can now choose one of five difficulty levelsb (Easy to Nightmare). While more difficult it gets, better rewards you get.

Dungeons for solo players:
- Resource Mines. Randomly generated dungeons for iron mining. Here you can meet new opponents: Infected Bat, Cave Spider, Insidious Kobold. The entrance is always located in one place.
- Mysterious hideout. A randomly generated dungeon, the entrance to which can be found at random locations on the Continent. Godsends, scraps, bosses and treasures are a real adventure!

Port city In the northeast of the main continent - the starting point for all travelers to new lands. Here you can buy or build your own ship, find merchants, repairmen, and captains of various ships.

There are three ways to travel to a new continent:
- build or buy your own ship,
- find a place on a ship of other players (negotiate or buy),
- purchase a ticket for the ship from one of the captains (NPC).
The ships will be of different tiers - this will determine the number of seats on board, as well as the carrying capacity. The maximum number of seats on a ship is limited by the size of the group. You will be able to climb aboard and walk around the ship, adjust the color of the sails, and do other customization.

Loot transportation
It is better to get a ship with the maximum carrying capacity, as this will determine the number of supplies that you can take with you, as well as the amount of loot that you can bring from a new land for use or sale on the main continent.

Plague Island and seasons

Developers plan to add new seasonal continents every 3-4 months. Uncharted territories with new inhabitants, changes in the rules of the game (for example, loss of items upon death, new types of damage, etc.), a campaign with a number of quests, a dungeon, as well as new resources, items, and rewards await you! We plan to keep these continents in the game forever.

Access to seasonal continents will be free! You will be able to complete the main quests and pick up rewards for this, get new resources and items. If you wish, you can purchase a Battle Pass - you will unlock additional quests and the opportunity to receive unique cosmetic rewards (mounts, pets, home and territory decor, cloaks, frames, titles, etc.). The Battle Pass is only available for a limited time and will change with the launch of a new continent (regular quests and rewards can be received without time limits).

Join discord to chat with Devs and other playes. Can find me there as Aszedia (Mod).

See more details of the development on the game and be part of our great community who is always willing to help.

More details on Steam group.

Thanks so much for reading! Please feel free to share your favorite MMORPG Open word or survival craft favorite, or which game are you playing right now! I would like to search for it.
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Jan 25, 2020
Plague Island release

This great update will be out on October 14th! The Plague Island will appear soon on the world of Wild Terra, with many new materias for all professions, new creatures, more areas to discover and a new dungeon.

Morbium and other Plague Island rewards

Morbium (Ore of the Dead) - a valuable resource with which you can endow your blade or armor plates with special properties. Equipped with morbium, you can defeat even the most powerful critters on Plague Island. You will also need this equipment on the main continent to become stronger in PvE and PvP battles.

New materials and minerals will be added: Leprous hides and organs, grim wood, spores, arsenic, and many other materials, minerals, and herbs useful for almost all professions. Use new materials to construct improved production buildings, storages, and gloomy decorations for your territory. Craft new ingredients, medicines, and equipment. Get unique pets and mounts!

Plague Island world: Explore the Dark Forest and the dangerous Marshlands, the Plague City, with its maze of streets and large abandoned houses, many decayed corpses, and dangerous inhabitants. Get to the most distant places - Infected Bog and a new dungeon.
Jan 25, 2020
Time to bring you up to date with the latest advances in Wild Terra 2 Online.


Plague Isle is now available for exploration, now you can explore new territories, get valuable resources, fighting a lot of new monsters.

- Added a Port City to the northeast of the Continent. You need to build a ship to sail to the Plague Isle, and from the Port City and further, we can sail to different destinations to new lands.
- Recipes for building ships of three tiers. Ships differ in cargo and player capacity.



Explore the Plague Isle

- Doomed Village, Dark Forest, Viscous marshlands, and Plague City awaits you.
- Across the island, the effect of Acrid Air is active: you cannot use mounts from other continents, and the corpses of players and thrown objects quickly decompose. In some territories, there are other effects, we recommend paying attention to it, the island is very dangerous.
- Added diseases and infection mechanics and the ability to bring plague to the Main Continent has been enabled. Be careful if you get sick or you could bring diseases from Plague Isle to the Main continent.
- Added a new type of damage and protection from it.
- More than 15 new monsters.
- Production chains, new materials obtained by mining and crafting for most professions.
- New sets of armor from Morbium metal and Leprous skin, as well as weapons of all types.
- Improved versions of warehouses and other buildings you can build from the materials of the Plague Isle.


What's new:

- New solo randomly-generated dungeon. The entrance to it can be found in the Dark Forest and Swamp Marsh.
- New tameable pets: black wolf, bat (can be found chopping trees on Plague Island), as well as three types of spiders.
- Godsends can now be found in locations on Plague Island.
- Large trees, deposits and monsters can be found in the Dark Forest and Swamp Marsh.


Throwing grenades (7 types with different effects), in buildings you can now see the recipes and fuel available for this, also added new ingredients, recipes and buildings.


- Daily quests. Boards with daily quests and requests from local residents will be installed on the main continent near the tavern, in the central city, and near the mountain region (separated by difficulty level), as well as in the village of survivors on Plague Island. Choose your favorite tasks, skip the rest, and the locals will definitely reward you!
- New abilities for Swords, Axe, Maces, and Farming skills.



For the coming update.:

º Animal breeding.
º A complete change to the beginning of the game. The game will have a new plotline, the story and tasks will be presented through characters, new locations and updated quest chains will be added. Improvements and fixes related to balance, dungeons, bonuses, various quality of life improvements.
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Jan 25, 2020
Animal Husbandry skill, Livestock and Pet Breeding


In the last news, we mentioned Animal Husbandry and Breeding. It's time to tell you more about the future innovation.

Livestock will be needed to breed animals and obtain various food and resources. They can be settled in chicken coops, various pens and houses. Will be added, for example, chicken, cow, pig and others. It will be impossible to summon and increase their level.

Livestock will have a number of parameters: gender, dominance, maturity, quality, as well as unique perks. The parameters will affect both the receipt of resources and the breeding of offspring (depending on the combination of the parameters of the parents).

The new skill Animal Husbandry will be used to raise and use livestock. As well as other skills, as the level increases, Animal Husbandry will give the owner various bonuses and abilities.

Breeding Pets
It will be possible to get offspring not only from Livestock, but also from Pets. Leaving two different-sex individuals of the same species alone in the paddock, you can get a new pet, the abilities of which will depend on the parents (the chance of getting the ability that the parents had is higher). Perhaps we will also add new, additional perks that cubs will be able to receive.
Jan 25, 2020
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