What's the fastest internet speed offered in your area and how much (if you know) does it cost?

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No, you misread it. Like I said, they allow 1.2 TB a month, vs the ISP I have, which caps it at 400GB, and it's the only one available in my neighborhood unfortunately, unless I want very crappy DSL at only 15Mb speed.
Oh wow. That sucks, man. 400GB is nothing. I checked earlier today and noticed I'm about to my 1.2TB cap right now. It's all because I got Game Pass. Haha. I'm probably going to call and get unlimited. I already have the modem, so it should only be $11 more a month, according to the web site.
By the way, I did end up getting the unlimited data with Comcast today. I was right that it only added $11 to my bill. It's worth it, in my opinion. At least in my situation. It probably wasn't worth it before I got Game Pass, though. Now I'm swapping out games and downloading new big games a lot more than I was.


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