Question What's the best way to share or link a gameplay video?

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Don't roll your eyes. This is very much a newbe question (even though I'm an oldbe). Let me try to explain. Yesterday while playing around with Nvidia Experience, I learned how easy it is to make in-game videos, or even screen recording in general. It's probably general knowledge to most of you, but having not grown up in the digital age I basically learn things on a "need to know basis". If I feel I need to know something, I'll learn it, otherwise it gets tossed onto one of my many back burners.

So now that I've belatedly learned how to create videos, how do I post or link them to share; say like in a forum like this? I have Imgur for still images, but it doesn't seem to accept videos. Do I need to subscribe to yet another site like YouTube or Vimeo to upload the videos and then link them?
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You don't really need to make a channel. Just make a YouTube/Google account, go to YouTube, click the little camera-with-a-plus in the upper right, drop the video on, and wait. Channels are for categorizing your videos - it will be a while before you have enough to bother with. (Heck, I still haven't!)

There's plenty more you can do, like narrating over the video, monetizing your videos, and so on. All that can be safely ignored.

I haven't tried it myself but I don't do anything interesting enough to be shared.
Me neither. Doesn't stop me. ;)
This app is something that can turn your twitch streams and things like that into Tik Tok videos, youtube shorts etc. It might take some getting used to but its highly recommended. Usually i just upload to YT and then share links.

Feb 11, 2022
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1. you upload your video on youtube or other platform.
2. copy the link of you video
3. join some groups or forums which relate to your gameplay's video.

may be only that you can do.. don't forget to make a good gameplay video.
hi, how can i share a link in this forum?

i want to share a video for you guys, because i have trouble with it
You cant yet. We'd much rather you had some of your own experiences and opinions to share.

Check here :)



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I think tight rule is not always good for sharing in a community.
The key word there is "in". We share videos with each other all the time.

However, there are tens of thousands of people that have no desire at all to be part of the community. They just want us to click their links so they can make some money on YouTube or whatever. They aren't "sharing in," they are "shoving at."

It's really not hard to become part of the community. There're no dues, no hazing rituals - you just have to take some time and communicate.
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