Question What's a game you thought you would like but actually hated?

Outriders .I was so hyped for this game. It looked to me like a cross between gears of war and destiny. The armor sets and guns looked great and the action i saw before the demo was decent enough to get me excited.

Downloaded the demo and... it was very meh. It was janky but from what i was playing it was fine enough. I personally had problems with the run and cover system, enemy hitboxes, some connection errors, but nothing that turned me completely off and decided that, since it was a demo, there would be a more stable version released on launch day so i picked it up.

What a mistake. It was marred with bugs and terrible servers. I was trying to play this game with my wife as we usually go through coop looter-shooters together but had a terrible time getting it to work at the beginning. These server errors along with various bugs, poor level and ui designs all turned me off as i played through the campaign. The endgame was less than desirable and were just timed events that, once beatin, had the extremely LOW chance of dropping a legendary weapon/armor. The only way to increase the chance of this was to hit the lowest timelimit which, with crappy servers, bugs, hitches etc. was impossible most of the time (i was good enough to do it a few times, but took way too much work/luck to hit)

I hated it, the game has been drastically improved bug wise, but im still finding server connection issues host advantages (my hits doing way less dmg to enemies than whoever was hosting), rubber-banding and some other small issue stuff as recently as yesterday, i am not holding my breath that the launch of its expansion is going to go any smoother than the games original launch, but im going to buy the upcoming expansion since im invested in the game already (one of those, it sucks but might get better mentalities with this one) and play it and ill probably hate that too.
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Plenty of games like that I bought based on what box art looked like... before the internet existed. I can't name any of them. Possibly most of them were Nintendo games. Internet access and my first pc happened more or less within a week or so of each other.

Its possible I still bought PC games based on their boxes as Smart phones didn't exist before 2012 and going to a shop, looking at games, going home and reading reviews, and then going to buy a game... takes time. Not all of the games were bad.
Championship Manager 5

This game was so bad, and had so many bugs, it was unplayable. I was done with the game by the time it was patched. I am credited as a tester in the patched version of the game, which is kind of cool. But no one will see it, as everyone started playing Football Manager instead.
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Blacksad. I went it thinking it it was going to be like The Wolf Among Us, boy was I let down!

The gameplay is somehow worse despite being in the same vain as those telltale games. Voice acting and sound design is super subpar. The worst of it all was the ending. All in all, if you ever come across this game, beware.


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