What would your dream game be?

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Jan 17, 2020
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I recently thought of another game i would love to play. It would essentially be a mix between RimWorld and Fallout Shelter, but set in the Metro 2033 tunnels. Control your station, trade or war with neighboring stations, send expeditions through the tunnels and get some Stalkers to head to the surface, grow your strength and become stronger than the Hansa!
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My dream game is a mix of 4X, RTS & open world FPS.
Let's call it Civilize & Conquer & Cry—hey, CCC, I like :)

The starting 4X local map offers a few choices of sites for cities and outposts—El Presidente selects objectives.

Switch to RTS mode where the job is to establish those objectives while dealing with competitors along the way. Okay, valley secure—Generalissimo picks a likely direction for expansion.

Now into FPS for Rocky Recon to clear out the opposition in the direction we want our troops to go, and achieve some tactical advantage—eg high ground or capturing a radar post to expand the map, or an industrial center to boost resources, or a lab to boost research.

The map is procedurally drawn so there's infinite replayability, there are multiple victory conditions, the 'good stuff' is available early on if Presidente or Generalissimo chooses to go for it.
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