What upcoming game that no one else cares about are you really excited for?

Mine would have to be Farming Simulator 2022. It can be both a very relaxing game and a time/finance management game. There are two broad playstyles:

1) This is serious business. Even use of Fast Travel is prohibited.
2) Use all the tools available in game and through mods to design the gameplay that suits you.

If you fall into the first group, you just launch the game and start playing without making any adjustments or changing anything on the fly. If you are in the second group, there are limitless possibilities for how your game will work out.

I start in the first group, but after a playthrough or two, I move to the second group, and I'll change absolutely anything without remorse. My basic philosophy becomes:

1) Never do anything I can hire an NPC to do.
2) Consider eliminating anything from gameplay that doesn't make a positive contribution to my end goal of buying the $10 million Ferrari (from a mod). Weeding? If I don't do that, I'll lose money on my crops, so let's get rid of it. Fertilizing? If I do that, I'll make more money on my crops, so let's keep it.
3) Use new equipment from mods for each playthrough (I ended up with about 800 mods installed on FS19)
4) Create a custom starting point for each game (do you start with any money, land, equipment?)
5) Consider concentrating on a different industry each playthrough.
6) Horses suck. I can't emphasize this enough.

Anyway, there is actually a lot of advancement in the game. There's always some new shiny piece of equipment you are striving to buy, especially with mods. And there are hundreds, if not thousands, of user-created maps to play on and explore, though some of these look like they were made by someone who has never been outside before.

Just a very fun, relaxing and customizable experience.
I'm not really excited, but this looks like it could be a fun little game. Simple gameplay, you design and build houses from a large slate of graphics—wall sections, carpeting, pre-built kitchen counter, etc.

I used to do site and house layouts for family and friends ~25 years ago with Visio, so maybe I'll have an itch for this to scratch.

I enjoy those fit-stuff-in puzzles, so may pick this and its Cats companion up in the XMas sale.

Speaking of cats… I posted a thread about this a few months ago, this is probably the relative unknown I'm most looking forward to.

I like bow play, so this has piqued my interest.
Without doubt, my number one most anticipated upcoming game is Elex 2:

And as with most games from Piranha Bytes, it feels like most of the gamers and gaming press just kind of ignore them. I see complaints on other forums about the combat being "euro-jank" (which I feel is unkind & unfair), or that the graphics and animations aren't up to todays "AAA standards", or that it's too difficult to get started (in terms of combat & gameplay).

The original Elex, as well as all PB's games going back to Gothic 1, can be brutally hard in the beginning. You have to actually learn how to fight & survive in the world they've created, often running away from combat early combat situations. They have a formula they've stuck with through all their games that depends upon the player exploring, talking to NPCs, perhaps joining one of the various factions, and building your characters skills. Just about everything a player does, or the choice he/she makes, will have an affect on how the world reacts to you. The world of Elex was vast, and dangerous, to explore; Piranha Byes excels at world building for such a small studio.

While I'm hoping Elex 2 will release this year, the next game I'm most excited for (which at best won't be released until 2022) is Outcast 2 - A New Beginning:

I don't know if anyone here has played the original Outcast (released in 1999) was such a unique game, almost a hybrid of game genres, but was such a wonderful experience: part shooter, part rpg, part adventure game. The original team at Appeal Studios is making Outcast 2, so I'm confident that it will be a proper sequel (even if it's over 20 years coming). The graphics are radically improved (though still not that "AAA standard"), and the combat looks to be much more fluid.

There are 2 other games I'm excited for, though I will probably wait for some reviews, as they are both remakes.

Gothic 1 Remake

I loved the original Gothic games, but this is not being developed by Piranha Bytes, and the last time we had that situation, we got Arcania, which is better off forgotten, so I'm a bit hesitant. But the free demo that was available for Gothic 1 Remake looked good and gameplay felt fluid, so I'm hopeful.

System Shock (Remake)

The free demo, which is still available, looks and plays good, and has much of that feeling of suspense from the original. But I'm definitely hesitant to pre-order at this point, as Nightdive Studios has gone through a very long and troubled development cycle. I won't go into detail here, as there's another post I made that's buried somewhere in the RPG Section. I'm hopeful, but by a lot of the posts on the Steam Discussion page for SS, it seems most potential players seem to have written this game off.
I'm not really excited, but this looks like it could be a fun little game. Simple gameplay, you design and build houses from a large slate of graphics—wall sections, carpeting, pre-built kitchen counter, etc.

I'm mad at the Hometopia people. They released a demo for the Steam Next Fest, which I downloaded, but then they pulled the demo before I had a chance to try it out. They say they might put a demo back up when the game goes live in January. I've got 3 or 4 games like this one, and they all are crap, so I'm not likely to take a chance on this one without being able to try it out.
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Now wait a minute, if I post about a game and say too many nice things about it, somebody else is liable to get interested. Then my game won't belong and I'll have to remove it! (Note: overthinking is another hobby of mine. ;))

Top of the list is easy - Troubleshooter: Banished Children, sequel to Abandoned Children. Unfortunately, I'm not so sure the game is going to happen, as not all that many people got the first game. I sure hope it does, because the first game's story is mostly a set up for the next game.

I might be excited for Distant Worlds 2, but I'm not sure. There's going to be a lot of real time elements. I'll have to see what it's like when it comes out... plus a year or two to age.