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Does anyone have any suggestions on parts to buy I have a budget of 1000 and am new to this so I was wondering if I could get some help.

Hey there,

We had a PC Build contest a while back that has a ton of suggested builds. While you'll likely struggle to find a graphics card (just due to ongoing supply issues), some of these suggestions should prove very helpful.
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Dec 15, 2019
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I'd suggest waiting until this semiconductor shortage has passed because most of that budget will get swallowed up by a graphics card right now. But as always - it depends on what you plan on playing or using it for in the near term. You can get away with an integrated build (no discrete graphics card), based on something like AMD's 3400G, if all you're going to do is play Fortnite or older/retro games on it.

Let us know what you plan on playing or using it for, and we can better advise.
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