what should i play?

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Don't forget who let the Fork-knife out ! I hear you get the mustard DLC if you jump onboard now!

@abdullah kakar if you're indeed asking for suggestions on games, you might want to start by giving us your system's specs in order for us to gauge if your system can handle the games we'd like to suggest/recommend.
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A shooter! Got a lot of those, though still a huge variety.

We've got big, stompy shooters (though it's likely to go on sale on Thursday)

We've got classic remakes

Games that can be shooty, but don't have to be

A puzzle game disguised as a shooter

A shooter heavy on the explosions

Oh, and this, which isn't a shooter but it has a lot of shooting and I found the page before I saw your post (plus it's on sale for just $3.50USD)
dell core i7 5th generation
Dell have a lot of systems with a 5th Gen i7 in them, what is the model for your prebuilt system/laptop? Adding an SKU to your prebuilt helps us learn more about your system's specs.
If you like COD, maybe you'll like these as well:

Fork Knife
Battlefield 2042
Apex Legends
Counter-Strike: Global Offesive
Spec Ops: The Line
Halo Infinite
Rainbow Six Siege

Go through the list when you're bored of the previous one lol
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