Question What is the top Zombies of all the Call of Duty?

Do you prefer the Zombies in Modern Warefare III over the previous zombies of Call of Duty. Which is the top one?
Thanks for the post. We don't have many CoD players here, so you may not get many answers. I've only played 2, but one of them was Black Ops II, and I got it specifically for the zombie mode. I really had a great time with it. Loved how you acquired new weapons and had to prepare to be overrun. There was a lot of strategy involved.

What is the zombie mode in MWIII like. Is it still a wave shooter or something else?

If you like wave shooters, you should try the Killing Floor games. Killing Floor 2 is on sale on Steam right now for $5.99. It's like the zombie mode of CoD turned into a full game. Very good.
I don’t play much COD but I still have fond memories of playing Zombies on WaW and Black Ops 1 on my PS3 in middle school, as so many people my age do. One of the only moments I can think of where my dad was really engaged in watching me play video games was me playing Black Ops 1 Zombies and him trying to give me directional pointers😂 “They’re right behind you, don’t you hear them???”
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