What is the best fps game for pc?

Mar 13, 2023
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I've read an article but I'm not quite sure about which one I should go for. Please help me choose one !!
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Jan 20, 2023
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Welcome to the forum :)

I've read that Spider Solitaire has the best Frames Per Second of all games.

Nah man, Microsoft Excel has a way better framerate.

In all seriousness there‘s tons of FPS games and I wouldn’t say any are really “the best”. Just play a bunch and see what ya like
Does not seem that peterson has come back to look at replies but that aside their are many things that govern the frame rate of a game.

1. monitor specification.
2. quality of graphics card
3. has it been frame capped at say 60 fps by makers so lower end pc can use it.
4. how busy is the screen
5. individual details on the graphics.
6. size of graphics .... small figures wont make pc work hard but large graphics and scenery in games such as satisfactory will make a pc work hard due to the re-rendering.
7. good/bad programming .... i have had some games where temps and usage of components have gone skyhigh even when i have only been key binding.

Footnote ... does my list make me a fully paid up member of the geek brigade lol.
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