What gpu this pc have?


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Yeah but exact model?
Could always message the seller and ask. Looks like Galax GTX 1070 though. The TI version has all the same markings.

if you're still doubting where people are learning of the GTX1070 being the GPU in the build listed;
näytönohjain GTX1070 8gb
Is mentioned in the seller's listing.

BTW, I see a green labelled Corsair CX PSU, you might want to skip that listing entirely since that PSU can and will nuke anything and everything it's hooked up to.
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cx600 should be fine for a 1070, it's not among recommended psus, but with a 4770 +1070 it'll be working at half capacity, maybe less. I'd say it's not that much of a problem. Just ask how old the power supply is, I'd replace it at 5yo, given that old cx units aren't the best of the bunch indeed.
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