What gaming world would you live in, if it was real?

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Greetings Community,

As many of you know @darkroast was the winner of the Cyberpunk 2077 Edition graphics card from PC Gamer and GOG.COM. In that thread, I noticed a lot of people talking about how they were looking forward to living in Cyberpunk. While I'm am also looking forward to playing Cyberpunk, I do not think it would be a world I would enjoy living in if it was a real world. I think this question goes hand in hand with @Mazers What build are you? Really though and @PCG Chris Mid-Week Question: What's your favorite game world? as our personality might not necessarily be suited for a world we would love to game in. This brings me down to the question:

If you could pick a gaming world to live in as a human being, what world would it be and why?
I think I would prefer to live in an exploration/adventure type of game world. Just being able to explore all the time without any type of risk would be kind of boring after some time, so there would have to be an element of risk. An Indiana Jones type of game world I think would have suited me quite well. Some bad guys, some risk, a little romance, witty talk, and tons of exploring. Another world would definitely be Star Trek, preferably on board the Enterprise. Not necessarily having any important roles, but being able to take part in the thrilling adventure of exploring new parts of the galaxy and meeting different types of cultures.


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Yeah, the CyberPunk world is a dystopia for sure. The implants sound great but the culture is really horrible. I presume the game will be showing how those behaviors are making the place so horrible in the background whilst we're collecting chrome. Gotta love SF!

Let's see... where to live... These games are all about conflict which makes them not so great places to be for people who don't have access to the save game system. Ah! Rollercoaster Tycoon! A world with amusement parks all over the place.


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Jan 14, 2020
Faerun or Sigil, but only under the condition that I'd be a high level Sorcerer. :) In any other case I prefer the world we're living now. It's not so bad here after all. ;)
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May 1, 2020
From a life-of-ingenuity-and-comfort standpoint I’d live in The Sims world. Living in a place where I can develop a huge amount of skills, have actual job security, have the potential to build the house of my dreams, easily form strong friendships and experience an almost constantly exciting romantic life, and have the ability to create a potion of prolonged youth to boot. What’s there not to like? (Honorable mention: Stardew Valley.)

From a life-of-perpetual-adventure standpoint I’d probably choose Nirn (the main world of The Elder Scrolls). Sure, danger is ever present and the end of the world always seems to be right around the corner but, man, I’d never get bored in a setting like this one! A whole planet full of stories waiting to be discovered/rediscovered and places waiting to be explored thoroughly: an adventurer’s dream. As an adventurer of course, if I lived in this world as a random peasant or common citizen I’d have a terrible time :LOL: (Honorable mention: the main world of The Witcher.)

OsaX Nymloth

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Jan 29, 2020
Faerun or Sigil, but only under the condition that I'd be a high level Sorcerer. In any other case I prefer the world we're living now. It's not so bad here after all.
I could be your evil apprentice always getting in trouble

Imagine this:
You're in the middle of an important experiment you have spent the last 5 years preparing
- sir?
- not now!
- but sir, it's kinda urgent!
*you start losing focus*
- what's it this time?
- I am afraid there's a portal to Nine Hells in my bedroom.
- THE WHAT?! *you spill some nasty liquid, stuff goes boom*

Later, in the smoking ruins of your tower. You're sitting, resigned, contemplating casting a polymorph spell on me. Again. Armies of Arch Devils are marching around, amused.
- What exactly happened?
- I found a cool looking page from guy called Asmodeus and he promised me to become a real evil sorcerer if I just sign the contract. I swear there was nothing in the text about opening portal in my room!
- Did you read the fine text?
- The fine what?
*heavy sigh*
Star Trek, assuming you're not living anywhere dangerous, is probably the most utopian, with war and capitalism completely gone.

If choosing from a universe that started in games, I'd probably choose Mass Effect, outside of the places that experience war or disaster of course. Just a nice, quiet planet or space station with the advanced technology to make life very comfortable.
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I've been thinking about this for a while and the biggest question is: how many of the mechanics will remain the same?

For example, if you want to live in the world of Stardew Valley, would days still take 12,5 minutes? Would you be immortal (death does not seem to exist)? Would you be able to actually talk to the other villagers or would they still just say the same few pre-programmed sentences?

What about Minecraft: would you be able to talk to villagers or would they just make their nasal noises? Could you punch a tree without feeling pain? How would storing and retrieving stuff from your inventory look like?

Also, would everything look realistic or would you live with the graphics of the game? How would that work for example with Stardew Valley, where you normally have a sort of top down perspective while playing?

I used Stardew Valley and Minecraft as examples, but these questions exist for a lot of games.
@Pifanjr Good questions. As I see it, it would be pretty much up to yourself. How would you want to live in that world and for an example, how much of the human in you would you want to bring. I picked Star Trek and Indiana Jones because of the ability to be most human, but I have not really given it much thought as to how the world should look. I think I would be fine with the art style from Indiana Jones and looking like a hand-drawn character with human abilities.
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Jul 3, 2020
Dunno, maybe Tron. Or Ready Player One after parzival finds the egg and I0I is no more. Dunno still a dystopian world. Not sure if I'd enjoy living in the stacks. But I love VR. I can be anything strikes my fancy (eg: Zeratul from SC) or Yoda.
I also like the Star Trek idea. The holodeck is a step up from VR.
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