Question What gaming laptop should i get?

So i have been looking for a gaming laptop for about a month now and both of my friends said one with 32 gig of ram. Can anyone recommend anything? I literally just want suggestions so nothing too serious i hope. Are there any benefits to building one myself? I have no experience in that sort of thing though?

More specifications:
32 gigabytes of ram
17 in screen
edit: preferably in the budget range of 700 to 1200 pounds

(not necessary but would be liked) rgb keyboard and/or mouse

any thoughts welcome!!
Thanks in advance!
Welcome to the forum :)

Are there any benefits to building one myself?
Very probably not.
As far as I know, the closest to raw components you can get is a laptop chassis which already includes major parts like power supply, motherboard, cooling, keyboard, cabling etc.

Since those parts are so important, having to get them already in a chassis negates a lot of the benefits of self-build. Closest you can get in practice is the customization offered by some companies, eg Dell & Lenovo.

budget range of 700 to 1200 pounds
That range won't let you play recent AAA titles at high settings. £1,200 could get you decent mid-range performance on many titles tho. A lot depends on what games you want to play, at what resolution, and if you have minimum FPS expectations.

I'm not a laptop guy, so I'm afraid can't offer any better advice—good luck :)


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