What game(s) defeated you?

Within your usual genres, where you generally do well, any game which you just couldn't beat? Ignoring any unfair boss fights.

Mine is Myst. I like Adventure and Puzzle games, so Myst should've been right up my alley. But I couldn't make head nor tail of it all, and just moved on—and back then I had much higher tolerance for frustration… I guess you had to, to be a PC gamer then :D

Myst did do one good thing for my gaming tho. Like many at the time, it was the added push to buy a CD drive, which was timely.
None because I'm a moron and will keep going until the end of time until I get it. I've found that if I quit a game and come back to it the next day that I almost always get whatever was stopping me on the first try. Plus, a lot of AAA games have fail-safes and if you fail so many times, they just make it easier. It's kind of a dirty little secret no one publicizes. One recent game that admitted to doing that was Amnesia: Rebirth. Most of the time they just don't talk about it. Of course, a lot of games let you change difficulty on the fly now, and that takes the place of the fail-safes in most instances.


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Spent an hour in the tutorial trying to get the basic moves down, but the timing was just too tight for me. At least I failed fast, so I was able to get my money back.
None that I can think of, outside of end-game bosses that I couldn't defeat, but you said to ignore those, so ignore anything I've said.

The only game off the top of my head that came close was Divinity Original Sin 1. Towards the end of that game was a constant barrage of teleporting pyramid puzzles that almost did me in. I was pleading out loud: "Dear sweet (redacted), not another (redacted) split-your-party-teleporting-pyramid puzzle". Thankfully, Google exists and allowed me to get through those.
There has been a couple JRPGs that have beaten me recently. Honorable mention goes to chrono cross. I understand why this game is critically acclaimed as its way ahead of its time but s gotten to the point that its all too much, i've got to the dragons and i'm sort of losing the will to play it anymore.

The other one is alundra. I wanted to like it but the janky controls and graphics made me snap. The jumping controls being the main source of pain.

Shin megami tensei strangers journey. Another JRPG i couldn't beat the last level boss without more grinding to the point i just couldn't take it.

RTS games wise besides the bugs, absolute boredom generally defeats me. I didn't finish RA3 as i sort of lost interest with it.

PID - i have a real hatred for this game. I wanted to love it but the game rubs me absolutely the wrong way. The gameplay mechanics are awful and don't work. For example you throw projectiles in an arc and if the enemies get too close your projectiles would just arc over the them. The puzzle/platform mechanics was more reliant on luck and making sure the enemies behave themselves for you to actually solve them.

The bridge - i completed most of the maps its just the second half which sort of found fustrating. Solving the puzzles wasn't the issue, it was trying to get the bloody mechanics to behave itself so you can actually solve the damn puzzles. Oh and lets not forget the fact that your MC has a horrible tendency to just slide on barely steep inclines and ones he could climb up if he just crawled up the damn minor inclines.

I think there are more but we would be here for ages.
Sep 10, 2020
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Kingdom Come: Deliverance. I mentioned this multiple times already, but yeah, it's KC: D for me. I love the game itself, but the combat is my nemesis. One of the early 'boss' fights I could only manage by cheesing, otherwise the game would've ended right there for me. It's a bit better with a controller, but I still struggle too much. Getting into combat means death for me. Please, please, if anyone has a trick or even a mod/cheat, hit me up. I'd love to finish the game. :sob:
I can't think of a particular one, but I know for a fact that I do not have the skills to get far in those bullet hell games. Maybe I'm getting too old, but navigating between hundreds of tiny bullets on the screen at the same time, just doesn't work for my brain. Maybe if I played it one 640x480 resolution, I might actually see the tiny, tiny gaps you are supposed to navigate through, but even then, I hardly think I'd get far.


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