Question what game relaxes you

Is it a problem if I play FPS, battle royales, and DOOM to relax? 😅
For us, no.
For you… ???

I sometimes fire up a FPS to go climb a mountain, or check out if there's a northern route from A to B.

Battle Royale: Chute to a remote location, hide and read the keyboard bindings, slowly succumb to the fatal degradation—ah, the Bliss!

DOOM: If your mood is frantic, then go for it—since doom is mood reversal, it should bring you to your happy place :)


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Doom is mood rever...? OH!! Sneaky.

Just about any open world game can be relaxing if you want it to be, unless it's one where you get ambushed whenever you want to gawk at the scenery. Even then, some hacks/mods might make it possible.

Like Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Get in historical mode, go to one end of the map, tell your horse to run to the other end, and just watch the scenery go by for half an hour.
Hmmmm, I hardly think that amogus is relaxing... with all that finger pointing...

but then again... who am I to judge other's tastes. 🤣

How do you upload game videos on PC gamer?
This should explain it:

Read a few threads to get a feel for what's acceptable, if you're still unclear, read these:

Oct 12, 2022
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I don’t know about you, but it was here that I found myself a game to relax.
I liked the game Townscaper most of all I advise everyone.
Who knows more interesting games?