What game needs what game mode?

For me I always thought The Division needed a zombie hoard mode (and I hate zombies...figure that one out). I'd even take a zombie game modeled after The Division's gameplay. It has to be New York though, zombies in DC doesn't sound as cool. Or it could be a demon mode, I'm not picky. The Division, to me, always kind of felt like the kind of game Hellgate London should have been.
More games need more minigames. More games within games!

Watch Dogs comes to mind, the 'Digital Trip' games you could access via your phone were actually pretty solid and varied. The spider tank one was my favourite but the carmageddon in hell one was pretty good, and the one where you sneak through the actual empty city map hiding from cyborgs was also really atmospheric.

More games means more games to play which means more games for me not to finish.


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I don't know why I just thought of this, but there was an old Half-Life mod called Science and Industry. The game mode only had a handful of maps and featured two corporations as the two teams. It was essentially a Team Deathmatch / Capture the Flag game except the flags were your opposing corporation's scientists.

Your team starts off voting on weapon or ability techs when you begin the battle. Both teams have equal scientist numbers so your research progress goes at the same rate. You can kidnap scientists by knocking them out and carrying them back to your home base where they will decrease research time. You can unlock fun gadgets like the GI Destabilizer (makes your opponent slow to a crawl while puking out their guts), or the C4 briefcase bomb.

There's opportunities to sabotage opponents research and steal pieces of intel as well. I'm sure this has been recreated somewhere but I would love to see it implemented into some modern shooters with the current game engines.

Anyone every play this or anything like it?
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