What game, if you stopped completely right now, would make you feel weird afterwards?

Kinda how Molly feels in this article...

I would say, at the current moment, mine would be...yes Destiny 2. Even though in the past couple seasons ive been playing less i still get everything there is to do done in the current destiny season. I dont see me stopping anytime soon and i would definitely be getting DM's from clan members asking wtf i went. I would feel weird not stepping at all into a season. Theres no subscriptions, but.... it feels like there is.

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I'm slightly addicted to two games; Shadow of War,

it's this playing against a system that act's like a chess game, but also has many random elements. I build up several Legendary Captains, pitting them against lower opponents, giving them special traits, protecting them and then they all turn on Talion at once.

Or just when Talion is about to be killed, your bodyguard appears and saves the day. All my Captians in and outside the fortresses are Legendary level 80's(which I did for the sake of it).

Also Steep, the snowboarding game, it's just relaxing heading down a slope and performing tricks, judging which snow can be jumped off and spinning through the air.

Both these games aren't the type I'd normally try, but in the sales at £8-9 each, bargain.
I would feel weird if I stopped playing Rimworld right now, because it's been something I've been playing a lot recently and I've just installed a bunch more mods and I've been reading up on different aspects of the game. I've created a certain expectation for the future and I would struggle with how to fill that time for a bit if I was suddenly unable to continue playing. The stronger such an expectation is, the harder it is to adjust.

But this is obviously not exclusive to games. Books and TV series can engross people as well, though of course not usually as all-encompassing as a game played for 14 months straight.

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I read that article and found it interesting because it's something I've never experienced. I think it's a condition that can, or could happen, when a player abruptly quits a multiplayer game that he/she has played for months or years and never returns (Sorry, I don't know all the different classifications for the different online games).

In those online-only type games you're leaving behind a community you've grown used to, saying goodbye to friends you may never hear from again; it becomes more than just quitting a game, so there's bound to be withdrawal symptoms. I don't think that feeling of "weirdness" exists when quitting single-player-only games, as you can always go back and pick up where you left off, or start a completely new game, and nothing really changes as you're involved with AI or computer code, as opposed to real people (even if it's only their online persona).
please remove the `#comment-jump` part from the end of the URL

leaving behind a community
The last time I got some withdrawal symptoms was when I stopped playing Civ4 regularly, after maybe ~5 years of being really into it and spending a lot of time with the superb CivFanatics community. I still revisit the game ~annually, but only visit the forum briefly a few times a year since.

Before that, I suppose it was when the C&C franchise finally stopped, after being the mainstay of my gaming life for nearly a decade. I was never in the community as such, but the games just kept coming—17 in total if I recall correctly, incl major expansions. That's around when Civ4 appeared :)
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