Feature What game did you have to quit for your own well-being?

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OsaX Nymloth

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Dota 2

As it was already said before, Dota 2 community is very toxic and once you spend a lot of time there, you become one of them. This hurts not only to personal well-being but to relationships with family and close friends. Fortunately, I've managed to quit it and I will never come back (I hope ).

The only thing I regret is wasted time. I have over 2,500 hours on my main account and there were a couple of others. Although I've made some money by selling items, it still feels bad, I could achieve something meaningful over this time.
Actually very similar - over 2k hours and kinda wondering why I even played it so much. Oh wait, i know - for years there's been always a party of friends who played or started playing Dota 2 and were constantly asking me to come and join. There was some fun, but it's impossible to threat the game seriously. Not when a random teammate can ruin the match for you. Or when you carry some useless troll, who does nothing but feed and spam in Russian some random nonsense - how many times I was wondering if I should not just let enemy team win so this guy doesn't get undeserved win? Geesh the more I think about it the better I feel for not playing anymore.

Other than Dota 2 I guess i had to take some breaks from SC2. Either because I was becoming very angry with myself or something in balance was tilting me beyond acceptable limits. Few weeks or months and I would be back, mind you. But these breaks do help, even if they make your mechanics rusty, being able to distance yourself is important even if you're not aspiring pro or even GM player.
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Mar 3, 2020
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That would have to be World of Warcraft Classic. I was hyped being able to try it out again last year, so hyped I joined a raiding guild and started reading up on tons and tons of different guides. I wanted to level up fast and start clearing content. While getting to lvl 40 I started asking myself the question: What am I doing? Do I really want to be doing this type of grind again and use several hours each week preparing for raids and doing them over and over again? I uninstalled, cried a little nostalgia tear and decided never again to blow the dust off what once was one of the best MMO experiences I have ever had.
i knew thered be a quote about classic in here. Whats stopping you from playing classic? There's so many people reliving the experience and having just as great of a time the second time around. You really dont have to dedicate much time at all to playing to keep up these days, after you get leveling out of the way you can basically raid log and farm gold for your consumes for like 2 hours a week. Do you just not want to do the same content again? because unless you cleared AQ and Naxx I believe you still have unfinished business
@_Artifact Well, the funny thing is that after I wrote that, I ended up buying the ESO: Elsweyr Digital Collector's Edition. That said, in ESO I can actually relax, go for a walk around Morrowind, revisiting locations from when I played the game for the first time and join a couple of PvP battles or maybe to some crafting. The relaxing part was never really there for me in WoW after lvl 60. Then everything became a grind to get better gear, leveling professions, get better at class, better in PvE, better at raiding and grinding for getting more gold, gold, and gold. While I am obviously to be blamed for gaping over to much, it still lingers and I know for a fact that there is no way I would just be doing a little bit of a little bit in WoW.
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Dec 10, 2020
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EU4 for sure, it's a great way to make vast swathes of time disappear.
What's not so great is that empty feeling you're left with afterwards, that you've disappeared a chunk of life for pretty much nothing.
I have to remind myself every time that there's no such thing as a quick in'n'out EU4 session.
Also, if I do get into it, I tend to have fever dreams about my expanding empire.
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