Question What FPS should I be getting on Warzone with this PC build?

Feb 10, 2021
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Hi All,

Here is the spec:

Processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900XT 12-Core Processor, 3793 Mhz, 12 Core(s), 24 Logical Processor(s)
32.0 GB 2 x 16GB 3200mhz dominator
RTX EVGA Nvidia GeForce 3090 GPU
Samsung G7 Monitor (G-sync)
Connected using DisplayPort.
(Not using Nvidia filters)
NVme 1TB

Playing at 1440p on maxed settings. I get around 130-145fps and people have commented this is low for my spec?

Also on all settings low at 1440p what FPS should I expect? I get about 180.

(FOV 100)

Any suggestions for upgrading any bottlenecks I have?

Many thanks in advance!!
Hi :) I have to say that 130 FPS doesnt sound bad to me. You have the fastest GPU available to the world, and your CPU is pretty top end still although there are definitely a few faster available now. I also dont play Warzone myself but I can give some general ideas.

1. Are you running any other software in the background at the same time as the game? Antivirus, recording software, or anything else running at the same time might be causing lower performance in the game too.

2. Are you monitoring temperatures on your graphics card and CPU while you are playing? It's possible they could be throttling slightly due to being hot which could be slowing down your components slightly. Adding some case fans, managing your cables better, or getting a better CPU cooler could help if heat is part of the problem.

3. Otherwise you could look into tuning your RAM timings manually, it is something that takes some time and research on your part. Youll find guides in Youtube and other places online you could look into if that interests you.

I'm sure this isnt an exhaustive list, and there might still be other people in the forum who play warzone themselves who have some tips, but hopefully theres some things you can look into.
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Feb 10, 2021
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Thanks for the reply. I use Kaspersky AV and I don’t use any streaming software Also I close all other applications when I game.

I’m not currently monitoring temperatures. Any recommendations on how I do this for the specific components? Also what temperatures should I expect to be seeing?

I have thought about upgrading my RAM to faster speeds but not sure if it would be worth it? I would be interested to find out how I can determine where my bottleneck is?

With regards to cooling, I already have 8x 120mm Corsair fans. So I think I’m fine with cooling.
I’ll upload a pic of my build.

Many thanks 😊
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Nice build, might even have too many fans, more doesnt always mean better. However I'm sure a lack of airflow isnt your main problem :D

For monitoring temperatures:

HWINFO, GPUZ, Coretemp.

Youre mainly looking for your GPU temperature and the max core temp of your CPU. CPU will throttle at 95 C so if its under that its not causing you any performance issues. GPU is apparently 93 C but it will boost less as it gets warmer which could gain you a little more performance from being cooler.

As to the RAM I'm talking about tuning it not just buying a faster kit. Ryzen doesnt benefit much from more than 3600-3733 RAM because of the way the CPU communicates with it.

What you can do is tune the timings down to optimal settings. thats the numbers after the frequency 3600 C16 18 18 32 so that they might end up at 3600 C14 16 18 28 for example and the other timings below that.. As I said its time, research and work.

Im in a bit of a rush so sorry if I missed something.
Feb 10, 2021
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Thanks! Will check out the temps when gaming. With my memory, do you think it's even worth upgrading to 3600Mhz or higher even? Given that mine is only 3200Mhz?

I have been thinking about upgrading my CPU to Ryzen 5950x but not sure I would see any real benefit when gaming.

Are there any guides on optimising my memory timings, which are easy to follow!? :)

Thanks :)
No problem @JoshUK1 I havent found a guide that I've used yet. My Ryzen setup (5600K) is on the way at the moment and I've just been reading up on all the pros and cons and following testing done on different sites and forums on RAM performance among everyting else.

I dont really have a guide to recommend yet, to be honest it takes some work and research that I havent started yet. I just meant to highlight the possibility to you.

If you have a gaming PC IMO you should be monitoring temperatures while the PC is under stress. Most especially when the system is new or you changed something. You can prevent problems before they happen that way. HWINFO also shows you everything including HDD and SSD health and all voltages so its very useful.

For upgrading RAM I dont think its worth upgrading to 3600 from 3200, it certainly wont improve your frame rates that much on its own. Thats why I suggested tuning, might get you 5-10% in some situations but its not world ending. Still more than 3200 to 3600 most likely. As you've bought top of the line kit I just thought to point you in the direction of that last bit of extra, if it appealed.

The 5950X would give you a much bigger boost then the RAM, but I honestly wouldnt recommend it for the cost. Here's an example of a test of Techspot testing 11 games at 1080p with the new Ryzens vs the old with an important quote from the article after for context.


Normally you’d be using an RTX 3090 at 1440p or 4K gaming: at 1440p you’ll be a lot more GPU limited, while at 4K you’ll be entirely GPU limited. So don’t think an upgrade from the Ryzen 3 3600 to the 5600X will net you around 20% more performance.

For that matter, Techspot had an article just now on GPU scaling across the 5600X, 5800, 5900, and 5950x and theres really not much difference in most games, even with an RTX 3090. It might be slightly more with an MMO game like Warzone which is more sensitive to CPU to be fair.

TLDR for my opinon on a CPU upgrade, the 5950X is technically faster but I dont believe its tangibly faster. But if you want to throw your fun money at one, thats your decision. :)