Question What do you think will happen to humanity without games?

define games.
Studies show that playing games is a necessary learning and socializing tool for us (and most animals I think) so, my guess is no games, no humanity.
If the question is "without VIDEOgames" then, I don't think anything universally BAD will happen... I know I'll miss them... A LOT. And the loss of an entire economic market will FEEL catastrophic to capitalism, but humanity will survive
I'd take the reverse stance. How is Gaming changing humanity's future?

Well let's start with a ten year old Elon Musk. He started playing video games and became so enthralled that he learnt how to code specifically so that he could produce and release his own game. Also no surprise that many of the games he favoured referenced space travel or building new civilisations.

He also learnt some valuable lessons from gaming, like if your rocket doesn't do what you want, keep on adapting and experimenting until it does.

I think many skills that people learn while gaming will have future uses. Plus some of the tech like VR will have many uses.
If you talk about games in the sense of computer games… I think as long as there are computers and people who know how to use them, there always will be computer games too.

If there is something like a state of control/suppression where video games are prohibited, there will be a black market for them in the second the law is announced.

If you mean games in general… Games aren‘t even a human thing. Even animals play, and they play to learn for the future. So if humans would have never played in the whole history of their existence, I think cats would rule the world. Or maybe mammoths?
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Traveller was more fun

Maybe folks will read books, meet in person, enjoy a walk, or revert back to analog games (oh the horror). In other words, life will go on.
those all require going outside and I prefer not to do that... okay, maybe not books but unless the internet exists but games don't, you won't have many books to read unless someone else buys them for you. If the internet still exists, but games don't, I may not notice a big change.
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Finally there would actually be time to read books again!
There is nothing stopping you from reading a book now and not playing a game instead.

Being forced to do it isn't a choice really. All the baord games we played back then was from lack of choice... its raining down coast, guess we play Risk. Now there are so many things to do apart from them.. and yet people play them as games like Monopoly were good long before computers.

I remember before video games, I am really not in a rush to go back. Life was pretty boring.

I got a book for Xmas a few years ago and haven't thought to read it... its not an author I have read before so there is no anticipation. It would be something to do if I had no power.
All the authors I used to read are dead now. That is main reason I stopped reading as many books. I have read all of theirs. Some a few times. Terry Pratchett was silly enough that a few times was almost needed.
Jul 18, 2022
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This is the only gaming site where you can be judged for gaming instead of reading books! :LOL:

@Colif spreading logic again? Nothing new to see here.

If video games seized to exist, a lot of people would probably revert back to previous methods of enjoyment and escapism. If you've grown up in this world before, you probably wouldn't miss much. But had you grown up on video games and they're your hobby that helps you feel better or lets you (healthily) escape reality for a few hours, then I think a lot of people would struggle to find something that really offers the same reward as gaming.

It unfortunately has an incredibly bad stigma attached to it as a hobby, yet offers a lot of positives for people.
If you've grown up in this world before, you probably wouldn't miss much.
Ahh, "The Dark Ages" - the time before 1980 (yes, I know, there were consoles before Nintendo but they all failed (refer ET)).
What did I do before then? try to avoid sport as its what people did back then... and many of them still do. Chasing bits of leather around a field, always seemed a waste of time to me. I may not play many games at the moment but its a choice. If I had no choice I wouldn't like it as much.

People who have always had video games would take longer. Imagine the YouTube channels whose entire purpose in life suddenly doesn't exist, Twitch would probably survive but subject matter would be different. They would meet family members they have never seen before. Entire countries would have millions of youths looking for entertainment. Comic industry might find the audience it once had. People might watch TV again... but that would be foolish.
All this tech we interact with changes the way our minds work, so computers, web, gaming and specialist software people use, etc, our minds have adapted to. We think differently now and have to deal with massive amounts of data, instructions, ideas, etc which are continually updating.

So I think older media is less engaging for our dynamic minds. Elon has talked about the gamification of education.
Bringing immersion, engagement and creativity to education.

He's even trying to get gaming devices built into self drive cars. The reality is changing quickly!
May 11, 2022
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Instant vaporization.

So as long as we're here you can be sure there's a video game somewhere. Probably a crappy asteroid clone on a 5 1/4 BASF floppy safeguarding humanity from some beige plastic case with a see through top.
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